Xiaomi Baby stroller QBORN TQ02OS 2019 at 214,18€

The Xiaomi Baby stroller QBORN TQ02OS is considered to be the best support accessories for milky moms who are taking care of children in the period from 0 to 36 months, making it easier for mothers to move. 

Xiaomi Baby stroller

Xiaomi Baby stroller Lightweight, flexible

The weight of the entire Xiaomi Baby stroller is only 3.5kg and is designed to be neatly folded . Whether opening, folding or moving you can just do by a single hand, ensuring good health for mothers. Even when going up and downstairs or complicated road conditions, the trolley is very easy to move. The product will be a good support accessory for mothers when traveling with their children.

Xiaomi Baby stroller

High-quality materials selection

The manufacturer has tested the raw frame materials many times, eventually choosing aluminum-magnesium alloy materials because of its stable and light weight components.  The Xiaomi Baby stroller  is of high quality, the frame is not twisted, ensuring smooth trips. Besides, TQ02OS applies frame welding technology from international leading brands such as Austrian welders, Japanese Yaskawa robots and aluminum welding wires imported from the US. 

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Xiaomi Baby stroller

Through testing, high durability

QBORN TQ02OS baby stroller has good quality according to European standards. Specific durability has improved compared to other products. Test of road conditions from 36,000 to 72,000 times. Check the durability of the car when using from 800 to 10,000 times. Test of continuous vehicle load without damage is 72,000 times, continuous slope that the vehicle moves up to 10 times and durability of the safety system up to 300N. 

Xiaomi Baby stroller

Smart removable design

The seat back of Xiaomi Baby stroller can adjust freely from 110º to 165º at any time by adjusting the lock to suit the age of the child or  for the baby to sit more comfortably.  Besides the other parts of the trolley, there is a convenient Velcro velcro design, which makes it easy to disassemble quickly in just 60 seconds for washing.

Xiaomi Baby stroller

Also baby stroller is equipped with 5-point safety frame , better baby protection. Waterproof sun blinds with convenient 3-level adjustment and large storage bag, allow mother to contain more essential items. Besides 8 wheels of 15.5 ” with double design equipped with powerful damping springs, though moving on the stone road, asphalt remains stable. The 360º front wheel design helps to move smoothly and smoother.

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Xiaomi Baby stroller

Available in 4 rich, diverse colors

Xiaomi Baby stroller

Xiaomi Baby stroller arrives in 4 different colors to choose from including elegant black blue, noble blue, vibrant coral red, classic gray fog. The trolley is also suitable to use all four seasons of the year. Design wind curtains behind the cockpit to help ventilate and cushion the back seat with a unique 9mm 3-way honeycomb net, help the baby comfortably in the spring and not vomit in the summer. The retractable curtain design helps to prevent wind in the fall and keep warm in winter.

How to buy?

Product is shipped from the Chinese warehouse of Banggood, remember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping. You can also check local warehouses offers, available directly on the product page!

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