Alfawise U20 Plus Large Scale DIY 3D Printer at 342€

The Alfawise U20 Plus 3D Printer is currently among the best 3D printers available in the marketplace as of this moment. The latest device is available in a budget price, of less than 400€ and supplies enormous printing space for the user. One of the best features of this 3D Printer certainly includes its super simple set-up, which requires less than five minutes even for a novice. As most parts of the device comes pre-assembled and only the frame along with the substructure need to be screwed together.

Alfawise U20 Plus

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As already discussed the assembly of the device is rather straightforward and quick. It is made of aluminum metal,which makes this model significantly much more durable and wear resistant. The highest temperature of the heating system bed is 100 ° C and 250 ° C fpr the nozzle.

Alfawise U20 Plus

Being a budget 3D Printer, Alfawise U20 Plus also has some weak points, which we’ll talk further. But, despite having minor defects, the budget 3D Printer includes a reasonable price-performance ratio and provides all users with a 3D printer having an ample installation area.

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Alfawise U20 Plus

The Alfawise U20 Plus is designed for both amateurs and professionals, and printer provides a printing quantity of 400 x 400 x 500 mm. The precision is real as a result of the typical nozzle with a diameter of 0.4 mm and a maximum rate of 150 mm.The tremendous structure quantity of Alfawise U20 Plus 3D Printer makes it even compatible for big 3D printing trials. It also includes latest continuation feature, which stops the apparatus from any imperfections or failures because of a power failure and filament fog. Additionally, as a result of the user-friendly 2.8-inch touch display, you are able to directly interact with the apparatus to control and track the entire process.

Alfawise U20 Plus

Alfawise U20 Plus 3D Printer Main Features:

  • 400 x 400 x 500mm big build volume to print more exciting models, fewer size restrictions
  • Precision printing with standard 0.4mm diameter nozzle, accurate alignment and up to 150mm/s speed
  • More successful in 3D printing with filament run-out and power outage resume printing
  • 100 Deg.C max. heat bed temperature, 250 Deg.C max. nozzle temperature for various filaments, such as PLA, ABS, PVA, PP, wood filled, etc.

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Alfawise U20 Plus
  • 2.8-inch full-color touchscreen for more intuitive control
  • Fast and easy assembly, only 5 minutes needed to get started
  • Reinforced aluminium alloy construction, wear-resistant and durable
  • Automatic leveling function improves the work efficiency and makes it easy to operate
  • No trembling and low noise during printing due to the special structure design and material selection

How to buy?

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