Xiaomi TYY01ZM 3500 Lumens Quad-core Projector at 545.95€

Xiaomi is a well-known Chinese maker of varied smart gadgets, such as smartphones and other smart devices. Its products have been successfully selling throughout the world. The former production of Xiaomi projectors had great business success. This makes the business push and produces cheaper projector like the Xiaomi Mijia TYY01ZM.

Xiaomi TYY01ZM Projector

First of all, Xiaomi TYY01ZM Projector is an extremely compact projector which you could carry with you and use it with a display or at the very least a wall.

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As a result of the small dimensions 21.50 x 11.60 x 21.87 cm and weight of nearly 3.5 kg its quite simple to transport. The latest projector is constructed from superior vinyl and has a matte surface. Just the front and rear panel are glosssy.

Xiaomi TYY01ZM Projector

On the front panel, lies the lens of the projector and just beneath the emblem of this firm Mijia. Both the left and right side it’s a grid which assists in cooling of the apparatus and hides its built-in speakers. On the rear side, you can find its HDMI 2.0 connector, 3.5 millimeter audio jack and USB 3.0 port. As a result of the numerous ports, you can virtually connect any apparatus with the projector. Moreover, all of the vents are in one place rather than scattered around the situation. Additionally, the back panel also conveys holes for cooling. There is an integrated fan within the projector, which assists in heating of the unit without creating noise during working.

Xiaomi TYY01ZM Projector

The XIAOMI TYY01ZM Mijia Projector stands on small rubber legs, which not just makes it stable but also offer the essential friction to not to collapse with a few disorientation. The projector Xiaomi TYY01ZM is only available in 1 color version — blue. All in all, the plan of this projector could be explained as neat and trendy.
Together with the apparatus, you’ll also obtain a power adapter, remote control, two AAA batteries, and a user guide.

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Xiaomi TYY01ZM Projector

The XIAOMI TYY01ZM Mijia Projector can project a picture of 40 to 120 inches. It supports 4K video playback with the native resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. With the apparatus, you’ll find a brightness of 800 lumens thanks to Osram P1W / A-lamps. 1 thing worth noting that its brightness is 5% greater than the closest competitors. HDR10 image enhancement technologies enhances colour contrast and saturation.

Xiaomi TYY01ZM Projector

The XIAOMI TYY01ZM also comes with a high-speed audio system. It requires around three minutes to get autofocus after launch the movie. This makes it easy to use distinct signal sources. Additionally, as a result of the large number of distinct interfaces, these resources may be anything from movie games (Play Station 4 or Xbox,) tablets, computers, etc..

A T968 Cortex-A53 quad-core chip powers the projector using a clock frequency of 1.8 GHz. Xiaomi TYY01ZM Mijia Projector features the renowned Patchwall shell, which can be use in Xiaomi TVs or even TV set-top boxes. The user interface delivers the role of controlling the projector with voice commands.

Xiaomi TYY01ZM Projector

XIAOMI TYY01ZM Mijia Projector Verdict:

The XIAOMI TYY01ZM Mijia Projector is the ideal blend of compact design, stylish projector using enhanced picture quality and superb functionality. As a result of its dimensions, you may use it in the home or at the workplace, and for excursions to nature.

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