Xiaomi Oclean X Electric toothbrush at 62.16€

Xioami is undoubtedly one of the biggest tech giants from China, and it has specially curated smart products for all parts of our lives. Be it smartphones, vacuum cleaners, electric scooters, it has established itself as one of the companies you can rely on monopoly in the industry. Now coming back to the article, Xiaomi has recently released its next generation of the smart product called Xiaomi Oclean X Electric toothbrush. Whats, the latest novelty of Xiaomi, has to offer, let’s find it here

Xiaomi Oclean X

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Starting from the basic, the Xiaomi Oclean X Electric toothbrush features super-sonic capabilities for the first-hand service to the user and its way different from its predecessor. Actually, the Oclean X is the first ever smart brush unveiled in the market which comes equipped with a colored touchscreen.

Oclean X Smart Electric Toothbrush: Features and Specifications

Oclean X Electric toothbrush is the Xiaomi’s next generation of smart toothbrush which features the latest technology and industry-based algorithms. Now let’s dive into the detailed study of the features of Oclean X Smart Electric Toothbrush.

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Colour, Design and Appearance

Design wise the Xiaomi Oclean X Electric toothbrush looks pretty similar to its predecessor. However, the main change you can notice in the latest novelty includes its new high-level ABS white color plastic body with a distinctive touch screen on the middle. This provides a soft touch feeling while holding the device and ensures an entertaining brushing process.


No doubt, the screen is one of the most celebrated features of Oclean X and marks the significant difference between its predecessors. The latest device comes equipped with an 0.96-inch TFT colorful touchscreen. This can provide you many useful information including Weather Display, Tooth Brushing Integral, Time Display, Electric Display, Firmware Up-gradation, Brushing Time, Score, and Blind Zone Reminder, etc.

Miss Area Reminder

Usually, most of us use regular toothbrushes and try to clean each part of the mouth to ensure overall cleaning. However, its not an exaggeration that regular toothbrushes can’t provide 100% effective cleaning. On the other hand, the Xiaomi Oclean X Electric toothbrush not only offers effective cleaning but also displays its proof. The latest smart toothbrush features 6-axis gyroscope sensor, which provides an overall data of how well you cleaned your teeth. Amazing, isn’t it.

Oclean X AI Tooth Protection Mode

Being a 2019 released product, Oclean X also incorporates AI (Artificial Intelligence), which provides lower frequency tooth protection mode to the user. Moreover, it is also suitable for all kinds of teeth conditions, including Sensitive Teeth, Dentures, and Loose Teeth, etc. The AI technology offers a status-based approach and suggests which alternative will best suit your current tooth conditions — protecting your teeth against harms that can erupt in future.

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Oclean X Motor

The Xiaomi Oclean X Electric toothbrush is powered by a brushless motor with magnetic suspension trait. This provides the device with its quick and hassle-free performance while keeping low-noise and durability. It can provide you a maximum 40,000 RPM of the brush speed to ensure overall and healthy performance.

Xiaomi Oclean X

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