Kospet Optimus Pro Smartwatch at 193,33€

The Kospet Optimus Pro is the latest novelty smartwatch from the manufacturer Kospet. It is going to succeed to its predecessor Kospet Hope 4G Smartwatch Phone which was already a massive success in the global market. The latest smartwatch offers top-notch features including two independent processors, two different operation systems, Upgraded ceramic watch bezel, improved dual color, and hardness. What’s more this latest smartwatch has to offer, let’s see in detail

Kospet Optimus Pro

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The latest Kospet Optimus Pro smartwatch features a ceramic bezel which is made of high-quality material and has the same texture as any other premium smartwatch. The ceramic bezel is engineered by advanced ceramic manufacturing technology. Every Kospet Optimus Pro smartwatch has gone through 25 processes, 300 hours of carving, which bring up its pure color, lightweight, strong wear resistance, and 30% increased hardness.

Kospet Optimus Pro

Moreover, it also supports removable strap design which enables the user to use any strap of his choice. By default, Kospet Optimus Pro comes with a silicone strap. You can also buy two-layer “silicone + leather”, and another 24mm wide watchband from the market. The latest smartwatch comes with IP67 water protection and can be immersed in 1-meter water for more than 30 minutes. For daily use, there is no need to fear water in any way.

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Screen & Camera

Kospet Optimus Pro

The Kospet Optimus Pro smartwatch comes with an AMOLED retina display. It uses a 1.39” AMOLED retina screen with a display resolution of 454*454 and a PPI of up to 372. The human eye can not see a single pixel on the screen, producing you a super-clear visual experience. Moreover, it also features an 8.0MP Camera on the side. The picture quality is very clear, and the screen is bright enough to be seen under sunlight.


The Kospet Optimus Pro smartwatch features two independent processors and two different operating systems. In the normal working mode, the MTK6739 quad-core processor is responsible for the calculation of intelligent applications. However, when the watch is switched to the Persistent Mode, the lower power consumption Bluetooth chip NRF52840 is responsible for simple data processing. In persistent mode, you can use only some basic setting of smartwatch such as time display.

Kospet Optimus Pro

The Optimus Pro comes equipped with 3GB RAM+32GB ROM configuration, that makes the UI run smoothly. The main processor of the f=device MTK6739 quad-core processor can clock at a main frequency up to 1.25ghz. The massive combination of hardware makes its system run smoothly even with dozens of third-party application downloads.

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Kospet Optimus Pro

The Kospet Optimus Pro features a non-removable battery of 800mAh. The battery is enough to be used for 2-3 days under the mode of 4G without any need to recharge. While in the persistent mode you can expect upto a super long standby time of 7 days

How to buy Kospet Optimus Pro?

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