360 S6 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner at 293.04€

Its an inevitable fact that dirty surroundings lead to diseases. However, by the day’s hard work, it becomes quite hard to clean the home by yourself. Everyone wants comfort rather than sweeping the floor. With the 360 S6 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, there is no need to clean the house by yourself. It can work automatically for you and provide you with a tidy home.

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The lastest Xiaomi 360 S6 Vacuum Cleaner, features advanced technology including automatically navigating through the house and bypassing barriers. Moreover, when the device battery gets low, it automatically goes back to its docking station, charges itself, and continue cleaning until the whole home gets cleaned. What more this latest novelty to offer let’s see.

360 S6 Vacuum Cleaner

The 360 S6 Vacuum Cleaner features a trendy and minimalistic design which can camouflage to any interior. On the top, you get a hard tempered glass top cover with H11 grade washable high-efficiency HEPA filter screen. It can block upto 99 percent of dust impurities, providing you with a clean and pollution free air. Another advantage of the device includes its easy to mount and disassemble parts, which makes cleaning it an easy task.

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360 S6 Vacuum Cleaner

Being a next gen vacuum cleaner the Xiaomi 360 S6 features some advanced features including LDS intelligent, planned path cleaning function. It enables the device to map your whole apartment using the laser scan around the interiors of your house. With the SLAM algorithm technology, the 360 S6 Vacuum Cleaner can quickly map out the layout of your home and automatically plan the best cleaning route.

360 S6 Vacuum Cleaner

The 360 S6 Vacuum Cleaner also comes embedded with a smart obstacles avoidance mechanism. Using its multiple sensors, it adopts the safest route and avoids running into your furniture, stairs, and other obstacles and pass neatly around the obstacles.

The device is powered by a powerful 3200mAh battery, With this, the can work for up to 90 – 120 minutes on a single charge overall. Moreover, S6 automatically returns to its home base to recharge itself when the battery is low, or its done cleaning. That’s not all, as you can also control, operate, schedule and monitor your robot vacuum with your smartphone. Before we forgot, it works quietly with noise level less than 65db, you’ll never feel bothered and When suffering full dustbin, glitches, wheel twining, or undercharging, the cleaner will make a sound to remind you. It sports a Powerful 1800Pa large suction, attention to details cleaning, no leakage.

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360 S6 Vacuum Cleaner

The Xiaomi 360 S6 Vacuum Cleaner features a powerful 3200mAh battery. It enables the device to operate for 90 – 120 minutes in a single full charge. Moreover being an intelligent device, it can return to its home base and recharge itself whenever its battery gets low. This is not the end of features 360 S6 provides. You can also control, monitor, and schedule your vacuum cleaner using your smartphone.

Moreover, the latest device works quietly with a noise level less than 65db, you will not even know its working. It sports a Powerful 1800Pa large suction, attention to details cleaning, and no leakage.

360 S6 Vacuum Cleaner

With the Xiaomi 360 S6 Vacuum Cleaner you will receive: H11-grade Washable HEPA Filter for Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, 360 Left Side Brush for Auto Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and 360 Middle Main Brush for Auto Robotic Vacuum Cleaner for free. Do well and get this device

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