Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier at 126€

The much-hyped xiaomi smartmi humidifier is finally available on Gearbest for sale. The device launched months ago, followed by the release of another novelty “Xiaomi Smartmi Electric Heater“. The latest xiaomi smartmi humidifier features a large 4L large capacity tank which is enough to humidify all night even on the maximum gear of operation. As for the working principle, the latest device applies the natural evaporation principle to humidify, making the air free from any impurity. With all the features, the latest deivce from Xiaomi brings a comfortable work and living environment.

xiaomi smartmi humidifier

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The xiaomi smartmi humidifier arrives in an all-white color body, as usual, Xiaomi style which also gives its classic and topnotch look. It has a dimension of 35.00 x 35.00 x 70.00 cm, which is good enough for a big sitting room. The xiaomi smartmi humidifier is made of premium plastic material. On the top of the device, you can find its capacitive touch panel, the select gears panel and the panel to adjust the brightness of the indicator.

xiaomi smartmi humidifier

Being a smart device, the xiaomi smartmi humidifier features a very convenient waterflooding. Its water level sensors automatically detect the water level and inform the user if the water level gets too low, hence saving you the stress from checking water level manually. Another advantage of the smart device also includes its ability to run for 8 hours, even at the lowest water level. The latest device also automatically evaporates water to avoid the smell of water remains. The water gets filled from the top, which is designed in a way to prevent any water spill.

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xiaomi smartmi humidifier

The Xiaomi Smartmi humidifier works on the principle of uniform evaporation system this facilitates a well-circulated humidified air throughout the whole room in an efficient way. It takes around 250 ml of water every hour due to its powerful 36 blades. What’s more, you will not even feel the presence of the device due to its silent suspension of 34 dB that makes it very easy to have a great sleep while it’s working.

xiaomi smartmi humidifier

The xiaomi smartmi humidifier is not your regular device as its has various health benefits. Humid and fresh air not only refreshes us but also helps us to eradicate dry skin, sore throat, and nasal irritation. This is one of the sole reason behind this device being so popular, if you or someone in your family suffer from any of these symptoms; it is usually caused due to dry air. The xiaomi smartmi humidifier will take care of transforming dry air into a very pleasant and healthy humid air.

xiaomi smartmi humidifier

With the smartmi humidifier you dont have to worry about power usage as it consumes very less power. The device uses just 220V and has a power supply of 8W. Also being a Xiaomi ecosystem product, the device is fully compatible with Mi Home App. So you can just at your couch and operate the device remotely.

xiaomi smartmi humidifier

Xiaomi Smartmi humidifier Main Features:

● 4L large capacity tank, moisturize all night even if top gear operation
● Quiet and low-power, 34.3dB mute sleep protection
● Convenient waterflooding
● Automatic water evaporation, avoid the smell
● Open water tank, easy to wash
● Operated by APP
● Voltage: 220V
● Material: Plastic

How to buy xiaomi smartmi humidifier?

Product is shipped from the Chinese warehouse of Gearbest, remember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping. You can also check local warehouses offers, available directly on the product page!

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