Xiaomi bedside lamp pro MTJD02YL at 77.40€

Xiaomi has recently released its next Xiaomi ecological chain product the Xiaomi bedside lamp pro. It comes equipped with 116mm circular light-emitting surface and three-level adjustable rotation hinge. The device offers a large illumination range and meets the national A-level illumination requirements.

Xiaomi bedside lamp pro

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Moreover, the Xiaomi bedside lamp pro has also passed the German TUV Rhine eye comfort certification. The device features no visual flicker under various illumination, making it easier to use for longer durations even by children. It can automatically detect and adjust its color temperature and brightness. Also, being a smart device, you can control it through a variety of intelligent devices.

According to the manufacturers, its three-stage shaft adjustment brings the total change in its appearance and also provide its ability to adjust it in any angle and position. The maximum distance Xiaomi lamp pro arms can reach is 66cm, the maximum diameter of the irradiation area can reach 125 cm, and the height and angle can be adjusted according to the need. No matter whether children or adults use the latest lamp as they can adjust it according to themselves.

The Xiaomi bedside lamp pro features a circular luminous area of diameter 116mm covered with professional LED beads to meet the national A-level reading and writing homework lamp lighting standards. Compared with the older generation of Mijia desk lamp, they have increased the brightness near twofold.

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Standard PWM lights with low brightness have a severe stroboscopic effect. For curbing this problem, Xiaomi bedside lamp pro uses no stroboscopic constant current analog dimming mechanism. Without stroboscopic at any temperature and brightness, the device provides, professional eye care. The latest device has no visual strobe under any color temperature and light.

Moreover, the Xiaomi bedside lamp pro also supports varieties of switching modes to provide lighting according to different situations. Hence reducing eye fatigue, and providing better eyesight protection. The Xiaomi bedside lamp pro can also provide high-resolution finger light (Ra > 90) required by museums and medical places.

Xiaomi bedside lamp pro

Being a Xioami ecosystem product the Xiaomi lamp pro can be easily controlled by Mijia App or Apple App. The smart lamp uses Wi-Fi + Bluetooth dual-mode chip to connect Mijia APP quickly to realize wireless control intelligent family linkage. With the App, you can switch on and off at regular intervals, customize the color temperature, brightness and make endless switching.

Xiaomi bedside lamp pro Main Features:

Imported LED eye-protection lamp bead
High brightness lamp beads, high display index, anti-blue light technology.
High sensitivity rotatable switch, elegant control experience
Triaxial design, feel comfortable, free to adjust the light angle, easy to use
● Stepless dimming, adjust different brightness according to different environments and occasions

Xiaomi bedside lamp pro

● Rotatable switch, more convenient and simple
● Working temperature: – 10Deg.C – 40Deg.C
● Bluetooth distance: 10m
● Working temperature: – 10Deg.C – 40Deg.C
● Wireless connection: WiFi IEEE 802.11 b / g / n 2.4GHz / Bluetooth 4.2
● Support two voice control methods: Xiao Ai / Siri
● Connection: Mijia APP, Apple HomeKit

How to buy Xiaomi bedside lamp pro?

Product is shipped from the Chinese warehouse of Gearbest, remember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping. You can also check local warehouses offers, available directly on the product page!

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