Alfawise E202 Smart Lock Touchscreen Fingerprint at 117€

The Alfawise has recently launched a perfect system the Alfawise E202 Smart Lock to prevent theft and entry of an unauthorized person inside your home. The latest fingerprint smart lock is beautifully designed to provide you and your family an overall security feature in various smart and intelligent modes.

Alfawise E202 Smart Lock

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The Alfawise E202 Smart Lock arrives embraced with multiple safety features to make you worry-free from your homes’ safety concerns. The latest device utilizes five methods to unlock your home door and provides an excellent sense of security to the homeowners.

Moreover, the Alfawise E202 Smart Lock is also a great alternative for your offices and any other commercial locations. With the smart lock, you will have assured a guarantee of security against theft, burglary and any other unpleasant or illegal activities.

Alfawise E202 Smart Lock

The mobile App based Alfawise E202 Smart Lock will make sure you get the best protection and safeguards against unwanted people. The latest security features in the device make it almost impossible to break its security key due to its wide range of smart technologies and makes your home fully-protected

Advantages of Alfawise E202 Smart Lock:

Exquisite design, Color

The Alfawise E202 Smart Lock arrives in a nice and sleek design which makes it attractive to the eyes. Also, the device is only available in black color, which provides its outstanding outlook and elegant attraction.

Alfawise E202 Smart Lock

Moreover, as for the security side, the E202 touchscreen fingerprint smart lock offers strong support for all kinds of doors and makes a perfect combination with its Black color outlook. With the E202, you don’t have to worry about looking it odd or unpleasant in the context.

Multiple Unlocking Ways:

The Touchscreen Fingerprint is one of the best and essential features for which Alfawise E202 Smart Lock is known for. The lock is well-developed, keeping the safety concern and multiple safety measures against any unpleasant incident that can take place in today’s time. With the E202 Smart Lock, you will get five different ways to unlock your door, including password support, RFID card, mechanical key, fingerprints, and mobile app support, etc.

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Alfawise E202 Smart Lock

Strong Password Protection:

The Alfawise E202 Smart Lock arrives with a touch screen with 0 to 9 numbers written on it. This is for unlocking your door via password. You can select any combination of number from 0-9 and use it afterward to open your door. This is pretty similar to the way you unlock your smartphone. The numeric keypad also comes with a backlit, so even if you have to unlock your door at night, you can do it pretty quickly. Press any key to light up your keypad.

Alfawise E202 Smart Lock

RIFD Card Unlocking System:

The Alfawise E202 Smart lock arrives with 2 x RFID cards that you can use to unlock your door in a much faster and smarter way. With the RFID cards, you just need to place your card in front of the number screen and thats it. The E202 Smart lock will automatically detect it and grant you access to enter the home. WIth the RFID cards, it will just take a fraction of second to unlock your door.

Alfawise E202 Smart Lock

Mobile App Control:

The thirst way to unlocking Alfawise E202 Smart lock is pretty attractive and sturdy. Now you can control the safety of your house with your smartphone. The latest smart lock supports a mobile app named ‘Tuya’ for both IOS and Android mobile phone users. You just need to install the App on your smartphone, and you are good to control your home safety remotely.

Fingerprint Safety protection:

In the security concerns, the fingerprint is a great way to unlock your door. The Alfawise E202 Smart lock makes your fingerprint as a password to unlock your door. With the E202 Smart lock, only the authorized person can use his or her fingerprints to get access. The whole process of unlocking will take only 0.3 seconds, making it faster than some of the smartphones in the market. Moreover, the device enables you to save up to 100 person fingerprints details, so no matter how many members are in the house, you still have enough space to save everybody details.

Alfawise E202 Smart Lock

Mechanical Key Support:

The Alfawise E202 Smart lock also allow you to unlock your door with its traditional mechanical key as well. With the latest device, you will get a two-key set which you can if you are not interested in remembering passwords, etc.

Alfawise E202 Smart Lock

Alfawise E202 Smart lock Battery:

The Alfawise E202 Smart lock utilizes four AAA removable batteries for its operation. For using the smart lock first time, you have to put in the, and the lock will start functioning. The batteries are not included in the package, so you have to get them on your own. According to the manufacturer, the battery life will last for up to 365 days.

How to buy Alfawise E202 Smart lock?

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