Xiaomi VIOMI V2 Laser Navigation Route Planning Robot at 364€

Viomi is a subsidiary company of Xiaomi. Recently they have launched Xiaomi Viomi V2 with Laser navigation and mapping in competition to Roborock S5/ 360 S6 robots. The Viomi V2 is the first robot vacuum cleaner launched by Xioami which is based on LDS laser.The full name of Viomi V2 is V-RVCLM21B which is really long and confusing, so that’s why you see the robot named as the Viomi V2.

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Xiaomi VIOMI V2

Xiaomi Viomi 2 Design:

All the robot vacuum cleaners with the LDS laser mostly look like same, however, the Xiaomi Viomi V2 seems quite different from the rest. The latest vacuum cleaner comes in a fantastic dark-grey finish. Inside the vacuum cleaner you can find the LDS laser which works as a scanner and helps to create a map of the room. The logo is present on the middle part of the body, and the whole robot can be accessed using a single physical button which also doubles as Home and Power button.

Xiaomi VIOMI V2

Similar to the Roborock S5 design, the dustbin and a cleaning tool are hidden under the lid. The dustbin of the Viomi V2 can also also be used as a water tank for mopping. The latest vacuum cleaner uses a cleaning brush that is a made of thermoplastic elastomer and durable nylon materials. Also, the two large wheels present in the vacuum cleaner helps it to climb an obstacle that is up to 20 mm height and one side brush that catches debris along the walls.

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One of the best features of Xiaomi Viomi V2 will definitely be its enormous 560ml water tank, and this is one of the biggest in the robot vacuum cleaner category. In addition, the suction power of Viomi V2 is also massive 2150 Pascal which is worth mentioning. The viomi 2 also comes with an abyss detection and collision protection sensors, which help in facilitating the movement of the robot vacuum cleaner.


The LDS laser inside the tower of Xiaomi Viomi V2 helps in scanning the surrounding of the room and make a map of the interior for efficient cleaning. The map also helps vaccum cleaner not to clean the place it has already cleaned. The LDS sensors make navigation and cleaning more efficient, thus providing you a clean home every time.

The Xiaomi Viomi V2 can easily climb any obstacle in its path up to 20 mm tall, making it ideal for thick carpets. With the Viomi 2 you will get three modes of cleaning:

In terms of noise, the Viomi V2 makes about 69-76 dB of sound, which is pretty similar to Roborock S5. However, with the ever powerful strong suction and excellent climbing ability the V2 performs superior on any type of carpet. The cleaning brush works best for picking up pet hair, dust, and debris. Also unlike other vacuum cleaners, it does not get hair clogged as much as other bristled brushes do. With the V2 you will get washable HEPA filter which lasts longer than non-washable ones. The Viomi V2 also features advanced featured like voice control and being able to communicate with other devices makes it one of the most advance vacuum cleaner you can get right now.

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