Xiaomi Mijia 1S Smart Sweeping Robot at 386.57€

Recently at the Mi Fans Festival in China Xiaomi unveiled its upgraded version of the Xiaomi Mi Robot vacuum cleaner called as Xiaomi Mijia 1S Robot vacuum cleaner. The latest smart vacuum cleaner comes with the same appearance as the 1st generation Xiaomi Mi Smart Robot vacuum cleaner without any significant change in the looks. However, the updates are mostly internally. With the big sale going on you can grab the latest vacuum cleaner for just 386.57€ from gearbest.

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The Xiaomi Mijia 1S Smart Sweeping Robot comes with 12 sensors that allow the device to navigate better. Also, the Mijia 1S includes an optical sensor for a more precise orientation around. In the latest device, Xiaomi has upgraded its the laser distance sensor (LDS) and navigation algorithm, which results in more accurate and precise cleaning. In the older models, XIoami was using only LDS laser. However, the 1S also comes with additional visual sensor dual navigation.

The significantly improved LDS and navigation algorithms allow the device to scan the surrounding fast making the sweeping robot work faster. The device with the advanced navigation algorithm creates a more accurate map. According to Xiaomi, the Mijia 1S sweeping robot provides more efficient cleaning that is improved up to 13% compared to the first generation Xiaomi Mi Robot.

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The Xiaomi Mijia 1S Smart Sweeping Robot also arrives with the latest Conrtex – A35 processor which consumes 10% lower power and provides 40% better performance, compared to the older models of Xiaomi robots. The 4-core processor powering the heart of Mijia 1S increases the performance significantly.

The latest Mijia 1S also features AI Image Recognition which allows the 1S to identify the doors between the rooms. So far, we font know how the technology works but definitely, this is one the significant improvement in this sweeping robot.

The Mijia 1S Smart Sweeping Robot can store multiple maps inside the device, which, makes it perfect for homes having various stories. You can also schedule the 1S to start the work automatically saving a lot of your time. The Mijia 1S robot vacuum also has an increased suction power of 2,000 Pa whereas the older gen of Xiaomi Mi Robot as only 1,800 Pa. This upgrade helps the sweeping robots to perform better on all types of floor, especially on a carpet and also makes it great at picking pet hair.

Xiaomi Mijia 1S

The Xiaomi Mijia 1S Smart Sweeping Robot comes equipped with a 5,200 mAh battery that provides an increased cleaning time to 150 minutes. Also, the device automatically returns to its charging station when the device battery gets lower than 20%. It also starts cleaning again when the battery gets charged up until the whole place gets cleaned. Long battery life, recharge & resume, and multiple-maps saving ability make the Mijia 1S robot vacuum best for homes having more than one level. You can also control the Mijia 1S with your voice as the latest device also features voice control features.

How to buy?

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