iLIFE V7S Plus Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner at 142€

The robot vacuum cleaners are one of the most trending product when it comes to home automation. According to the latest studies the global robotic vacuum cleaner market is predicted to be grown by 15.23% in the next five years. This is one of the reasons for increasing competition in the robot vacuum cleaners market. This news is really great for buyers who are looking for a robot vacuum cleaners for there homes. As the competition is growing, now consumers have lots of options to choose from. This makes us bring a product from one of the leading Chinese manufacturers the iLife. The brand has already produced some of the most selling vacuum cleaners in the market, and we are going to tell you about the iLIFE V7s Plus which is the latest iteration to there robot vacuum cleaner series.

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iLIFE V7s Plus

The iLife company started its V7 series from the iLife V7, then came V7S, and V7S Pro. The latest model iLife V7S Plus comes with many new and exciting features that older models lack. Some of the most advanced features device boast includes its four cleaning modes including auto-cleaning mode, spot-cleaning mode, edge-cleaning mode, and schedule cleaning mode. You can set any mode according to your choice. Each cleaning mode cleans the room in a specific route. Therefore, the cleaning efficiency and time depends on the mode you select.

iLIFE V7s Plus

One of the most important updates iLife V7S Plus gets includes an i-dropping technology. The latest technology can optimize and control the flow of water drops. While cleaning when the vacuum cleaner moves the water drips down, also when it stops moving the dripping stops as well. This is a really great feature that controls the water flow and use far less water than the older models. Moreover, the latest vacuum cleaner also comes with a larger water container of 450ml capacity while the older models have an only 300ml capacity. This increases the overall surface area iLife V7S Plus can clean in a single go, saving a lot of your time.

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The iLife V7S Plus also comes loaded with a lot of sensors that includes a sensor for mapping the room, to bypass the obstacles, to climb up to 15 degrees slopes, not to drop, and many more. The combination of all sensors results in efficient cleaning and rest of the features remain the same. Moreover the latest vacuum cleaner also features a masiive 2600mAh battery that provides 110 – 120 minutes of working time without any inetruption. With strong suction power of 400pa, effective side brushes, self-charging and remote control, the iLife V7S Plus is one of the best vacuum cleaner you can get right now.

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