Alfawise Q203 Smart Door Lock Fingerprint Password at €122 [Free Shipping]

Safety, security and theft are one of the main concerns people living in urban areas face in there daily life. We all can agree on the fact that there is nothing more important than the safety and security of our loved ones. Recently Alfawise has launched a perfect product to prevent theft and entrance of an unauthorized person. The Alfawise Q203 smart touchscreen fingerprint lock is a beautifully designed product to provide overall security features in a single device. Alfawise Q203 is a next generation smart lock which comes loaded with multiple safety features to make you worry-free from your homes’ safety concerns. The latest device uses five methods to unlock your door and provides a great sense of security and safety to the homeowners.

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Alfawise Q203

Alfawise Q203 Design:

The Alfawise Q203 smart fingerprint lock is made of high-quality aluminium alloy and stainless steel that provides durability and security even in rainy and wet weather. You can easily attach it to the door in the thickness from 38-120 millimeters. However, the device only works from the temperature -15 to 55 degrees Celsius, which means if you are living in places colder than that you should look for something else.

Alfawise Q203

The Alfawise Q203 smart fingerprint lock is best suited for your homes, offices and any other commercial locations. You will get assured guarantee of security against theft, burglary and any other unpleasant activities.

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Alfawise Q203 Features:

For the utmost security, the Alfawise Q203 comes equipped with integrity sensors. These sensors block the opening of the lock when someone tries to break in. Also being a smart device, you can connect it with your smartphone, and it will notify you when your someone attempts to tamper with your lock. Also using the smartphone app, you can unlock the doors remotely for your guests.

Alfawise Q203

The Alfawise Q203 smart fingerprint lock literally makes your finger the key to your home. It saves your fingerprint as a password and only unlocks when you place your thumb on the handle of lock. It takes around 0.3 seconds to open the door, it is the same time your smartphone takes to unlock using a fingerprint.

Battery Life:

According to the manufacturer, the Alfawise Q203 smart fingerprint lock will operate on one charge for about 12 months. When the battery gets low, the smartphone app will remind you to replace the batteries. Moreover, even if somehow the batteries are dead, you can always unlock the door using the spare mechanical key.

Alfawise Q203

Where to but Alfawise Q203?

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