Alfawise WS–860: robot cleaner for windows at $180 [coupons]

Cleaning is one of the most laborious and frustrating tasks every homeowner has to come across every day. Most of the people hate this job and start looking for a cleaner to do the job for them. For some, this can be the easiest way out from cleaning, however it comes with its own demerit and security can be considered as one of the top demerit associated with calling people from outside. Nowadays there are tons of options available online which can really change the way how you look at cleaning and make it a fun job to complete. Alfawise WS–860 is also one of the machines that can help you clean those dirty and strong headed stains on your windows. The window cleaning device is made of high quality and can be used both in the home or office.

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Alfawise WS–860 Design:

Alfawise WS–860

The Alfawise WS–860 Robot Window Cleaner arrives in nice silver color, with slight touches of black. The latest device flaunts ultra-thin design with a height of just 3.66 inches, this makes it around 25% thinner compared to other robotic vacuum cleaners available in the market. Moreover, it has a dimension of 223.00 x 23.00 x 9.30 cm and weighs 1.2700 kg making it extremely easy to carry around. Also, the Alfawise WS-860 Robot Window Cleaner cleans at a 60db noise level, which is much lower than most similar kind of device.


Alfawise WS–860

The Alfawise WS-860 Robot Window Cleaner boast a smart chip for automatically cleaning your window. The chip comes with “N”, “Z”, “N+Z”, three cleaning routes with the ability to freely change route and wipe out dust thoroughly. For making it more robust, the device is equipped with 2800 PA strong suction which allows the robot to firmly climbs on the glass. It also features a long-time high-efficiency cleaning, reinforced, and non-slip track band which avoids slippery and skipping phenomenon and clearly clean windows. For making it self sufficient, the robot adopts motion current sensing system which more accurately detects window frame and avoids getting stuck in frame edge. Also with four inbuilt LEDs, you can always know the remaining power available for cleaning.

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Alfawise WS–860

Mobile Application Control:

One of the best features about Alfawise WS-860 is its ability to controlled by a smartphone app. The application is available for both Android and iOs devices, and it enables you to manage the directions of your WS-960 while sitting on the couch!.

Remote Control:

The Alfawise WS-860 Robot Window Cleaner also comes with a remote controller which lets you direct the location, and possibly make it clean with different patterns. The robot works best with framed windows as it has sensors which can detect the window frames and compute the best path to clean the surface.

Alfawise WS–860

Battery Life:

The Alfawise WS-860 Robot Window Cleaner features a large 650 mAh battery which is enough for more than 30 Min endurance after electricity cut off. Also, the device sends an alarm when the power suddenly cut off.

How to buy?

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