Chuwi Hero Book with Intel Atom x5 at $190 shipped

Chuwi Hero Book is one of the cheapest Windows notebooks on the market, available with an additional discount on GearBest with no customs on delivery (selecting priority direct mail). A Chinese laptop with excellent specifications, given the price: 14-inch screen, Intel Atom x5 quad-core processor, 4 GB of RAM and a 64 GB internal memory.

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About Chuwi Hero Book

If you are looking for a notebook but you are trying to save some bucks, Chuwi Hero Book could be a decent solution for you. This laptop has a generously sized display (14.1 inches) but remains very light (1.4kg): excellent companion for web activities, easy to carry anywhere. Battery is not huge but for this price, is decent: 3,150 mAh for a clean 3-4 hours of basic usage.

4GB of RAM will be sufficient to use Windows 10 and applications mainly in the sphere of productivity. We recommend an external hard drive or web storage space if you have lots of documents (movies, music or other heavy files) to store. This is because in the basic version you will only have 64GB of storage space. Excellent Intel processor, (Intel Atom X5-E8000) that will guarantee speed and stability. Integrated graphics card.

Excellent connectivity via the built-in Wi-Fi 802.11a. and Bluetooth 4.0. The ethernet cable is missing, this in Apple style to keep the device as thin as possible. Two USB ports (1 x USB 3.0 and 1 x USB 2.0). We also find an audio jack and a mini-hdmi port to connect the device to the tv or to an external projector.

This device at this price is definitely a bargain!

Chuwi Hero Book: shipping hints

The deal is limited in stock & time, if you are late, just come back here in a couple of weeks, anytime a coupon is available, you will find it on BestGear!

Also, if you are placing your first order from China, here some hints about this deal:

  • Windows OS comes in english, you’ll have to manually download any other language you might prefer
  • Keyboard layout is American, you might to consider to add some keyboard stickers to add additional special chars of your preferred language
  • If you are an American or European customer, make sure to use Priority Direct Mail or European Direct Mail to have your order shipped faster and with no customs!
  • Make sure you are using PayPal verified to have 180 days buyer protection.

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