Xiaomi AmazFit: An Excellent Sports Watch For Trainers & Workout Sessions

The smartwatch not only comes as an assistant to the smartphone but also a threat to the very existence of the later device. Because nearly all the functions that were initially exclusively carried out by phone are now possible with a smartwatch. The Standalone type especially is the greatest danger because it incorporates a Sim Card and has access to the Internet, just like a smartphone.


Xiaomi AmazFit is one of the best sports watches available in the watch market. As expected of any fitness tracker, the device packs a long list of exercise tools applicable to a wide variety of sports. Parameters like speed, altitude, heart rate, distance, and much more are the areas of specialty for the AmazFit model.

Design & Display

From the outlook, the Xiaomi AmazFit watch sports a round-shaped watch face surrounded by a ceramic bezel all round. And what’s more about the ceramic bezel is that it has a lining that automatically adjusts the brightness levels. Thus, the device has a transreflective display that performs very well even under direct sunlight. The watch face is also customizable. A feature which when coupled with the ceramic beauty gives the display a stunning look.


The straps are made of Silicone. Which means they are super durable and have multiple punctuated holes that allow for the fitting mechanism. Guarding the display, on the other hand, is a 12mm Corning Gorilla Glass protection. This type of glass is common in rugged smartphones widely used by industrial workers. So having such a glass screen on a smartwatch display makes it hard to break.

Software & Performance

The RAM and ROM configurations for the AmazFit smartwatch are 512MB and 4GB respectively. This can store up to 500 music files copied via a USB cable from the PC. AmazFit also supports third-party services like Spotify and other music streaming platforms. For more convenience, you can connect the smartwatch to an external speaker via Bluetooth.


When it comes to sporting activities, this is an area where Xiaomi committed a lot of resources and time. Whether you hit the gym, go for morning runs, biking, hiking, golfing, you name them. The heart rate monitor is always on to keep the pulse rate data all through your day’s activities. Additionally, AmazFit incorporates a built-in GPS that adds more accuracy in tracking your fitness parameters. Such as distance, speed, time, altitude, and much more.

Aside from the terrestrial sports activities, Xiaomi AmazFit’s IP67 waterproof. That translates into about 30 minutes underwater. So swimmers will too not miss a piece of the cake.


Another impressive feature about the AmazFit smartwatch is that it supports Alipay, which is a form of contactless payment method. Over time cashless transactions have proven to be safer and faster. The support for Alipay is, however, limited to the Chinese version of the watch.



The battery is an important aspect 0f the smartwatch because it determines how frequent you will need to charge it. AmazFit features a 280mAh battery that can last for 11 days of normal usage. When the GPS sports mode is on and all the features are running the battery can only last for 35 hours. It takes 3 hours to recharge the battery to its full capacity. AmazFit comes in Black and Red colors.

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