YOYAplus A09 Baby Stroller: A Smart Foldable Baby Rider

Running errands is a tedious activity that takes up a lot of time. Having a baby with you makes it even more complicated. Especially if you are a first-time mum or dad. Luckily, the new millennium has come up with awesome baby strollers to make life easier for young families.

The YOYAplus A09 is one of the best baby strollers that was introduced in the market in 2017. It is a good build product that incorporates excellent features. All for the safety and comfort of the child.

Highly Portable Baby Stroller


The YOYAplus stroller is n0t only foldable but also lightweight to reduce the burden when riding your baby. It has a small, compact body that seamlessly fits the passengers’ cabin on the plane. A press of a button folds the device and assembling it is very easy too.

The overall metal structure is made of aluminum. Which is lighter than steel but a bit more expensive. Plastics would have done a great job because they are very light as compared to metals. But durability is also a crucial factor especially if you plan to have more kids in the future. Aluminum can withstand a weight of up to 65kg, an average figure in which most adults weigh.

Sitting & Lying Positions


YOYAplus is equipped with effective recline features for adjusting the angle of the backrest. This is possible in angles between 100° and 175°. There are three positions to choose from; the sitting posture(100°), half lie(145°), and a full lie down(175°). The only work mom has to do is to change the baby’s resting position to avoid breaking their backs out of exhaustion. The reclining element is a factor you must consider when choosing a baby stroller.

Other Features

Wheels are invaluable to baby strollers because they bear both the weight of the baby and that of the upper structure of the carrier. YOYAplus has decent wheels that easily maneuver through rough terrains and potholes on the pavements. Similarly, the wheels are large enough and have shock absorbers to give the baby a sound suspension that cushions it on a bumpy road. The braking system too works perfectly fine to avoid tripping on an inclined path.


Another critical feature is the basket underneath the YOYAplus stroller. It carries baby milk, diapers, and other accessories. Parents can also keep some of their valuables (like phones and car keys) on the basket as they ride the baby along. Generally, the YOYAplus is a good baby stroller at the price.


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