ioutdoor Polar 3: Quality Rugged Smartphone For Industrial & Construction Workers

People have different preferences when it comes to buying their smartphones. It is for this reason that industry leaders manufacture phones along different niches. Some strive to produce the best smartphones with minimalistic features that maximize on the screen, while others work to come up with the best rugged phones in the market.


The ioutdoor Polar 3 is a rugged smartphone that can survive harsh environments. It is one of the toughest phones yet with a beautiful design and a lot of impressive features. The device is mainly suitable for truck drivers, miners, construction workers, and firefighters. Or just any person who needs a smartphone that is exceptionally waterproof, drop-proof, dustproof, and shockproof.

Design & Display

The ioutdoor Polar 3 smartphone is classified as a Phablet. And that means its size lies somewhere between that of a smartphone and a mobile tablet. As for the build, it was really meant for the hard environments. The overall frame is made of an aluminum alloy that will be less subject to dents in case your phone accidentally slips on a hard surface.


The front display has multiple layers of glass that supposedly survives drops from 1.5 meters above a hard surface. On the other hand, the back cover is reinforced to enhance more strength. And then sealing the body are hexagonal screws that have been punctuated scientifically along the vertical edges from the rear.

When it comes to the screen, Polar 3 sports a 5.5-inch IPS with a resolution of 1440×720 pixels and an aspect ratio of 18:9. Additionally, the screen can be split into two to allow users to run multiple operations simultaneously. Like replying to messages while maintaining a running app program on the side.


MediaTek’s MTK6739 powerful processor drives all the functions for the Polar 3 smartphone. The premium specs of the chipset enable effective multitasking and smoother functionality. The feature that further improves its workability is the new Android 8.O skin. Which comes off with background limits that restrict apps that are dormant from running in the background.



Anyone would expect a rugged smartphone to include a sketchy camera. But being an outdoor device with excellent waterproofing capacity, the Polar 3 can snap perfect images even underwater. The rear camera has a combination of 13MP and 2MP Sony sensors while the front selfie camera has a size of 8MP. The setup of the camera together with multiple settings(panorama, beauty, bokeh effects) enables you to see what you want to shoot. As opposed to shooting only to check afterwards and delete those that were badly timed.

Battery & Connectivity

The battery of Polar 3 has a massive capacity of 4000mAh. Which collaborates with Android 8.0 OS, that is power efficient, to maximize on standby time. Adding more flexibility to the battery is the Qi charging system that now has pads widely installed in many places. Compared to the normal USB port method of charging, this type of charging is safer, faster, and may be readily available in various spots. So you don’t have to carry along your charger with you everywhere you go.


ioutdoor Polar supports NFC cashless transactions that are common in modern transport systems and mobile payments. The mode of payment is easier, faster and eliminates the torture of having to load your wallet with several cards. Other outstanding features include Face Unlock, 0.1s Fingerprint Sensor, and the fact that the device draws its inspiration for strength from the transformers.

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