Suunto 3 Fitness: Sports & Gym Workout Smartwatch

Sports watches are an integral part of training programs and workouts. It is important to have records of all the exercise data in order to monitor progress more efficiently. The Pedometer, for instance, reveals the number of steps and distance covered. Which is essential in the analysis of the level of activity and health status.

Suunto is a Finnish tech company with a reputable track record of producing elegant fitness trackers. The 3 Fitness, one of its latest designs, is a beautiful smartwatch that does a really nice job as a workout companion. Aside from gym sessions, the smartwatch supports the activities of 70 other different sports. Swimming and mountain hiking included.

Design & Display


The outlook of the device is a fine watch that has all the elements and features put in the right place. From the front display all through the changeable straps to the fitting mechanism. The width of the smartwatch only stretches 43mm across, which fits pretty much any reasonable wrist size. Enhancing the clarity of the display is a polyamide glass while the resolution is 218×218.


The shiny stainless steel bezels on the display cannot go unnoticed for the stunning beauty. Additionally, the multiple colors available gives users a chance to pick their best definition of beauty. The straps, on the other hand, are made from a comfortable Silicone material that will not leave an itchy feeling on your skin. You can choose to use Suunto strap that is punctuated with many air holes which allow the skin to breathe. Alternatively, any 20mm strap of your choice from a different brand can work. And changing between the straps is super easy.


To compensate for the absence of a touchscreen, the Suunto 3 Fitness device includes five distinct buttons on the side. Which further simplifies the operations of the watch because each button serves a single command. So the terrain might be too rugged but that won’t stop you from effectively controlling the functions of your watch while you are on the move.

A Bonus Training Program

Unlike many other sports watches, the Suunto 3 Fitness comes with an adaptive training program that guides you through various activities. The first step is to input your height and weight parameters and the system will automatically include your health data. Like the calories burned or your heart rate in the previous exercise sessions. This way it adapts to your own plan over time, according to your schedule . And uses your data to set targets for you.


The Suunto App introduced sometime last year has a wide variety of options that let you improve your fitness. As a platform, it enables you to upload and share your moments of training with people who are using the same service. Moving towards achieving set targets in such kind of situations is easier than doing it alone. Because motivation and feedback from others play a hand too in keeping fit.

Functionality & GPS

Exercise tools are the most important aspects of the Suunto 3 Fitness watch. A common problem we see with most models is the inaccuracy in the health data. If you have watched correctly when making moves with your hand, say washing dishes, some faulty designs record the movements as steps. Which is not a true account of the number of steps covered and cumulatively leads to an erroneous figure in the end.


The 3 Fitness takes a few days to study and monitor your habits. With time it gets to know you better and will tell the difference between a hand movement and the whole body movement. The GPS Positioning is very accurate and precise. Turning it on enables you to trace your path whenever you feel lost. Whether it is in the rocky mountains or underwater.

A Stress Relieving Partner

The sports watches are specifically meant to help you improve your health. But those that take care of your mental health are in short supply. The 3 Fitness has the ability to detect your stress levels and initiate recovery. This helps you stay focused on the tasks you need to attend to in any given day. This is an outstanding feature that shows the Suunto 3 has the best interest of the health of its users at heart,


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