Ejoai Portable USB Fan: An Adaptive Mini Air Cooler

Fresh cool air flow is one of the factors that every person desires within their environment. I bet you have been in a lift so full of people it felt so stuffy you almost suffocated. It is for this reason that many people adopt air conditioners and coolers in their homes. Especially in places that experience extreme temperatures. It then becomes important to find out what works for you when the conditions are not so favorable.


The Ejoai USB fan is a super portable and affordable device that can serve you cool air anywhere. In fact, it is one of the best air coolers that comes at a budget.

Design & Outlook

Ejoai has a small compact body that is very light to carry around. But that means the size too is a limiting factor when it comes to the number of people it serves. It can sufficiently meet an individual’s needs though. Additionally, being small grants it versatility in applications. For instance, it can comfortably be mounted on the bar in front of a baby stroller to provide fresh cool air to your kid on a hot sunny day.


The gadget looks cute from all angles with a spiral-shaped part connecting between the base and the fan itself. This curves the fan towards the subject to ensure close proximity for effective cooling of the air around. So you are guaranteed of comfort when you place it on the study table or by the bedside.


Unlike the bigger models of air coolers that use water as a basic ingredient for the cooling process, the Ejoai fan uses the natural wind. Saves you the maintenance costs of having to refill the water tank from time to time. Although that means sacrificing humid cold air for air that is just cool. The former aids breathing especially in extremely hot areas where air lacks water in it.


Among the control options is one for adjusting the speed of the fan. You can either increase or decrease the intensity of cool air desired by changing the speed of the rotating fan inside. But there are only two extremes to its speed, high or low. So you choose the level that is compatible with your needs at a moment.


Ejoai fan incorporates a battery with a capacity of 1500mAh. You can clamp it on your office desk for hours on end as you focus on your work. It takes 2½ to fully charge the device but that is reasonable because then it works for a considerable amount of time. Finally, the mini air cooler is a standalone home appliance that does not demand any serious maintenance expenses. Except for regular wiping of its design elements to ensure it maintains a neat polished look.

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