Xiaomi Roidmi F8E Vacuum Cleaner: Fast and Efficient Cleaning

Home cleaning can be so stressful. Especially with the pace at which many other commitments demand more of our time in the world today. Luckily, vacuum cleaners can make work easier in our homes. You get to clean faster and more efficiently.


The Xiaomi Roidmi F8E is a wireless handheld vacuum cleaner that looks super cute and has impressive features. What is unique about handheld vacuum cleaners is the ability to reach the hidden dirty spots. For instance, the areas around complex furniture, in between the seats(sofas), dark corners where pet hair and other stains may prevail. At least every household has a spot that doesn’t get reached easily. No matter how organized it seems.

Design & Outlook

Roidmi F8E has a relatively long handle, about 25.90cm long, that is set at an angle of 270°. That is such a comfortable position to handle your cleaning with more fun. The device is generally lightweight and user-friendly. It only weighs 2.4kg. Which makes it easy to move it around while cleaning.


The brushless motor that is responsible for the suction force needed for cleaning is also lightweight. The spinning brush, on the other hand, is made of ABS material that is comparatively high strength. The floor becomes sparkingly clean on a single pass.

Specifications & Features

Spinning all the operations is an 80W brushless motor that creates a suction pressure of about 17000Pa. That is a substantial amount of pressure to airlift all dust particles off the floor. And this is done at low noise levels of 75 decibels. It cannot even wake a sleeping baby.


The device has two-speed options to choose from. This determines the rate at which the fan in the motor spins. Eventually dictating the amount of suction force produced. For intense cleaning, you have to choose the higher speed to ensure a thorough intake of dirt particles.



When it comes to performance, the Roidmi F8E takes approximately 2½ hours to charge. Which further lasts for only 40 minutes of cleaning. Research shows that most house cleaning duties take between 1 and 2 hours to complete. So the cleaner will be of huge help to many people in saving time. It picks even the smallest of dust particles, say 0.3 microns or more in thickness.

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