VStarcam C23S 1080P Mini IP Camera: A 24/7 Nanny Cam

IP cameras have become an integral part of the security sector ever since they were invented. This is for the simple fact that, unlike the old CCTV cameras, the IP cameras communicate through the Internet. With a smartphone, you can add your IP camera to an existing WiFi network.


From then on you can keep watching what your camera sees from your phone. The VStarcam C23S IP camera is an indoor model that can either be fitted on the wall or ceiling. It is a vigilant baby monitor when you go out to run some errands. Or at night when the little fellow is sleeping.

Design & Outlook

The VStarcam C23S IP camera is a finely polished Pan Tilt surveillance gadget that watches the target area to the last detail. No blind spot is left. When it comes to shape, the wireless camera looks so beautiful in its spherical nature. With sharp ‘eyes’ all over its body.


The camera has a built-in microphone and a corresponding loudspeaker. Together they let you talk to your baby and allow them to respond back. This is another area that the IP camera beats the traditional CCTV cameras. Four devices can be connected to the device at the same time. That means 4 members can watch the area simultaneously.

Features of VStarcam C23S IP Camera

Having a high resolution of 1920×1080 pixels and a large aperture makes the C23S camera to produce high-quality videos. The CMOS image sensors in the camera receive light from the 1.4 Aperture and transform it to electric signals that show as videos in smartphones or computer monitors. Given that the CMOS image sensor is only 1/2.7 inches means the videos are smoother and rich in color. Especially when recording a fast-paced activity.


For the purpose of the night vision, the C23S IP camera employs 9 Infra-red LEDs. This enables the camera to see far in detail in the dark, about 10 meters away. Clear night vision is part of the reason why the IP camera has a wide range of applications. Including acting as a baby monitor or the elderly watch, a surveillance camera in a retail store or a corporate office. It can alternatively be used as a regular watchdog in households.



The VStarcam C23S IP camera is compatible with iOS, Android, iPad, and Windows platforms. And as mentioned earlier, four people each using a device that falls under any of the categories can all watch from the camera at the same instant. It works on WiFi 802.11 b/g/n network to transfer the videos to the devices connected. An external micro SD card with an internal space not exceeding 128GB can be attached to the device for large storage of video footages.


The sophisticated nature of the VStarcam C23S IP camera has made it one of the best sellers in the market. It is one of the easiest installations that will keep your home safe, as well as the loved ones that need your attention. For instance, it would be easy to tell what the baby wants, right from the office, and then send the necessary help their way.

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