Keenlee Western Cutlery Dinner Service Set: A Taste of Class

Things are about to get yummy for those who observe Christmas. Fun food ideas and recipes go hand in hand with the correct set of cutlery. Especially during this season when upgrading your set of dishes is a brilliant idea.


Everyone is traveling back upcountry and the number of guests will begin to multiply too. That’s why buying a set of cutlery is more convenient as opposed to getting piece by piece.

The Keenlee Western cutlery set consists of four items; a knife, fork, spoon and a chopstick. Making up the set is one of the most durable dinnerware material. It is the stainless steel metal with gold decorative color. The quality of the tableware is directly proportional to your wealth. And anyone you invite will always judge you based on that.


Advanced Technology


In the making of the cutlery pieces, the Keenlee company adopted a high level of technology. The latest molding art played a big role in the crafting. That’s why the whole set seems perfect and can do versatile roles. For instance drug testing. The material does not peel off or corrode. Thus leaving the food or contents to be tested intact.

Comfort & Class


The handles are purely white while the scooping/cutting parts have a golden color. The edges are crafted in a smooth lining to avoid causing injuries to your mouth. As a whole, their surfaces look neatly polished and pose no challenge when washing. The set will surely bring a decorative value to your dining table.

Care for the Environment


For the world to remain a better place then taking care of the environment is a priority. Ignoring it is a chemical suicide. As for the Keenlee Western cutlery, the pieces are eco-friendly. They are durable, being made of metal that is corrosion-resistant and anti-oxidant. After a long time when they get out of shape, they can always be picked for recycling in the industry.

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