Alphawise CET968 Bluetooth Speaker: Lively Music Anywhere

Bluetooth speakers are slowly becoming an integral part of our daily lives. Take for instance you wanted to go to the beach or camping, or just any other activity that you can’t drag along your home theatre.

Those kinds of situations would dictate for a portable speaker. Luckily the innovators are working night and day to come up with the most powerful and loudest speakers to fill in the gap.

Like the Alfawise CET968 is one of the best speakers under $50. It packs many features. Yet at an affordable price. To sum it up, it’s a cute, powerful and energy-saving device that will surely serve you good music.

Design & Appearance


Ever since the emergence of Bluetooth speakers, a variety of shapes and sizes have flooded the market. Some oval, some rectangular, square, you name them. But the Alfawise CET968 is a cylindrical speaker measuring about 90mm in height and the diameter 80mm. That simply converts to a small, pocket-size, and a highly portable device.

Facts from Physics point to a cylindrical speaker as a perfect audio system. This is because like for the Alfawise CET968, it emits sound 360° all around. The speakers run through every part of its body, thus producing sound from all over its surface.

In addition to the great architecture for emitting sound, it has a 40mm driver unit that complements the built-in speakers. The two speakers have an average of 5w power each.

Convenience In Control


You can easily control the CET968 speaker from a distance, but not more than 10 meters. That’s a lot considering the fact that a mini speaker wouldn’t be clearly audible past that distance anyway. It supports Bluetooth 4.2, which is two-and-half times better than a 4.1 connectivity. App control on both Android and iOS works just fine.

Listen To The Radio

Today’s generation would consider listening to the FM as outdated but the old folks resonate very well with the medium of entertainment. Radios might be old school but informative and has a human touch. The Alfawise CET968 is one among the few portable Bluetooth speakers that support the FM tuner. Good to be on the know of what’s going on.

Powerful Audio Speakers


If you are the type that prefers calls to messages then this is for you. It enables you to make calls hands off while you are working on the side. The conversation is more lively as if you were having it on a one on one. It has a noise-canceling ability that let you have a calm, non-disrupted communication. The speakers are powerful but still manage to conserve energy. Together with the 1800mAh battery, the device can run 7 hours of music non-stop.

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