Sdeter Bulb Lamp IP Camera: Fisheye Lens To Monitor Your Home

Home security should be the number one factor on your checklist. Because how else can a home move forward when safety is not guaranteed. It is for this reason that manufacturers work day and night to advance the Internet Protocol technology. IP cameras are almost turning a basic need for a happy home.


The Sdeter Bulb Lamp not only works in IP surveillance but doubles as a light source too. It is one of the cheapest IP cameras in the market yet with impressive results. At the current pace of technology, you no longer need to splash money on luxurious devices to achieve what you want. Live within your means.

All Round Surveillance


Being a spherical camera makes the Sdeter Lamp record a 360° panorama surveillance at all times. Most cameras do between 60°-75°. That means the ceiling lamp is way ahead of the competition. Similarly, as compared to the regular cameras, it gives a 3D perspective and covers an area of 100m². The others have a flat display and only cover up to 30m² of area.

Tight Communication


As WiFi and the Internet of Things continue to run the world, results manifest in almost all the devices we own. With the companion app on your smartphone, you can easily communicate with your Sdeter Lamp. Within the peripherals of its internal features is an inbuilt microphone that allows for a two-way talk audio. You could be in your office and talk to your toddler at home. It’s so much fun, yet at an affordable price.

Simple Installation


Unlike the other complex structures, the Sdeter Lamp is a simple DIY installation. It’s the same way as fitting the regular bulb. You only need to screw the lamp base into the wall before fitting in the camera itself. Most people don’t like the hassle that comes with installing complicated stuff anyway.

Motion Detection



Surprisingly, motion detection is not reserved for the premium IP cameras only. The Sdeter Lamp detects any type of unusual movements around your house and tips the alarm. You will receive a prompt notification via either an FTP photo or email photo, or both. This will help you to respond to fraud quickly by calling the police. Furthermore, the lamp just looks like any other lamp and any naive thugs would not tamper with it because they won’t know they are being watched.

Global Connection


The Sdeter Lamp can work in any part of the world. This is further enhanced by the camera’s inbuilt AP WiFi that enables you to connect it where there isn’t WiFi. And then it also supports multiple users to view the target area all at the same time. This is however limited to iOS, Android and iPad platforms. So generally this is a smart simple home security system for you.

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