Esddi Mini RC Quad-copter: Smart Toy Drone For Beginners

Flying toy drones is a vastly growing hobby, especially among young people. That is for the simple fact that it is fun, engaging, and a good pass time. Although they can still cut across commercial fields like real estate, filmmaking, and many more.


That leads us to the question, which drones are the best to buy for beginners. As everyone and their mom are getting into flying they must start from somewhere. The Esddi Mini RC drone is one of the best toy drones for starters. It has almost all set of features that will help learners navigate seamlessly.

Design & Outlook

To begin with, the size and type of materials used in a drone speak volumes. This is because a compact size and lightweight materials are vital for cutting weight and improving navigation. The Esddi Mini measures 25.5×25.5×10.5cm and only weighs about 144 grams.


Moving on to the appearance, the Esddi toy drone is a completely new outlook with smooth lines. The device’s craft is highly technical to effectively resist the wind. The quality of the paint used and more importantly the excellent paint technology in applying it is irresistible. Generally speaking, the quadcopter is worth your hard earned cash.

Live Video Transmission

The remote control for the Esddi is equipped with a High Definition camera. Adjacent to the telephoto lens are the functional buttons for finetuning to realize the desired image results. This enables it to shoot high-quality aerial videos. Be it in your travels or just any type of aerial recording you want to undertake.


Another feature about video cameras on drones is the ability to communicate with the remote, or smartphone. This is often referred to as the First Person View. This concept is where the camera mounting on your drone allows you to control it as if you were on board. You get to be in charge at the comfort of your ground cockpit. The Esddi’s FPV transmission distance is about 50 meters.



When it comes to connectivity, we can control almost every aspect of our lives from smartphones today. The Esddi drone is not an exception. With your Android or ISO platform, you can download the companion app that will let you control the Esddi toy drone autonomously. It has an app gravity sensor that enables fast and accurate control. You can also draw the trajectory path to direct your drone where you wish it to follow.

Easy Control Features


Just like any right drone for beginners, the Esddi drone has one key feature for takeoff and landing. You can always press it if you wish for any of the two activities to happen. Similarly, it has one key return feature which recalls your drone back to the home point whenever you are about to lose control.

High Preset Air Pressure

Altitude hold mode is mostly a feature seen in premium drones. But the Esddi somehow included it even at the small price category that it falls under. For those of you who might not be familiar with it, the feature precisely locks up height and seat for safe flights. It also blocks the camera from shaking when video recording is on.


However, this is only fit for calm days as the wind would give misconstrued barometer results. But it does work well with beginners because they only need to check the air pressure calibrations; manual mode would be dead difficult for the group.

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