MinSu NV-01: A Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner For A Sparkling Home

Our fast-paced world is too demanding. There is just a lot on your to-do list first thing when you wake up in the morning. Adding cleaning your house only makes it worse. Because it takes substantial amounts of time and energy.


Consequentially, industry leaders keep coming up with advanced technology to aid in cleaning. The MinSu NV-01 robot vacuum cleaner is one such development in this year. With one of them by your side, you’ll never have to worry about getting your house cleaned.

Design & Appearance


As expected of any smart robot vacuum cleaner, the MinSu NV-01 is small, compact, and circular in shape. This gives it the ability to navigate through the hidden areas that humans find it hard to reach. Usually, parts like below the furniture and deep corners are unreachable unless you employ some form of extension.


In addition to the perfect size, navigation is also enhanced by a set of features that the model packs. For instance, it has the ARM 380S, which is considered the latest generation for robot vacuums. This in combination with intelligent sensors and other features helps the device maneuver through the cleaning area.

Easy Control

There are more than one ways of controlling the cleaning process by the MinSu NV-01. The company includes a remote control that you can use to steer it to dirty spots. You can also download and use the companion App on your phone. All the aforementioned methods are so easy to use. Not to mention the Amazon Alexa method the device supports where you can command your cleaner at the comfort of your seat.


Other navigational features include the ultrasonic detectors. What this does is to predict the proximity of the next obstacle and then instruct the device to avoid it. Thus preventing unnecessary damages to the furniture and the cleaner itself.

Automatic Charging


Every time the battery runs low, the MinSu NV-01 vacuum cleaner intelligently finds its way back to the charger. It then docks and starts to recharge automatically. Even if it was in the cleaning process the cleaner will recharge and then go back to pick on from where it left.

Extensive Cleaning


The MinSu NV-01 robot vacuum cleaner does its job really fine. It integrates a brushless silence motor that has large suction force, about 2200pa. This removes hard stains and the extremely dirty areas get cleaned up. Pet hair, which can be particularly difficult to clean, and other specks of dirt like beans and generally dust gets eliminated. All these at low acceptable noise levels.

Two Birds, One Stone


There are two options on a single pass of the MinSu NV-01. It does sweep and mop simultaneously. With the 100ml tank that stores water at constant pressure, the model can keep the rug moist without leaving water traces on the floor. This leaves your home looking sparkingly clean.

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