Kospet Hope 4G Smartwatch: More Than Just A Classic Watch

Statista reports the number of smartwatch sales in 2018 will hit 141 million units. With such kind of statistics, it is important to analyze all the features to determine the best buy smartwatch. Your budget will, of course, play a big role in getting your catch. But that doesn’t mean there is no best fit for you if you have a little budget.


The Kospet Hope 4G is one of the best smartwatches in 2018. Right from the outlook, size, and to functionality; it surely comes with bells and whistles that are not so common.


Holding the cover glass of the watch is a highly crafted bezel made from a ceramic material that looks really nice. We all associate ceramic to beauty and this cannot be an exception for the Kospet Hope 4G smartwatch. By all means, this is an eye-catching smartwatch that will enhance your looks. Finishing the ceramics is an advanced dyeing technology that leaves nothing but brilliance and luster on its surface.


A little bit down to the strap, the Kospet company gives you an option to choose up. That is between their own elegant strap or you can detach it and input yours. Otherwise, in my own opinion, their leather strap is still the best. It is a mixture of silicone and leather textures to come up with a durable strap. And what is more is the comfort, no irritation on your skin, and the ability to let the sweat pores on your wrist to breath.


Adding to the sound metallic look is a 1.33″ AMOLED screen. This is nothing compared to the traditional LED display. AMOLED simply means better color display, better sensitivity, wider visual angle; all these at a lower power consumption.


Another key feature about the display is the custom dials. Normally smartwatches come with those designed by the parent company, dials available online or the classical dials. But the Kospet Hope 4G smartwatch allows you to customize your unique dials by maybe using your own picture or those of the loved ones.

Specs & Connectivity


The Kospet Hope was the first smartwatch to include 3GB RAM+32GB ROM. With such memory configurations, the device had to integrate a powerful chipset to run its operations. It features MediaTek’s MT6739 quad-core processor that is so far the best from the Taiwanese tech company. The chip’s combination with an Android 7.1 platform meant a great deal of software performance for the smartwatch.


Kospet Hope is a dual 4G device that supports global frequency bands. You can travel overseas with no worries about losing the network. Besides, the 8MP camera included can help you record photographic memories and experiences everywhere.

Sport Modes

Just like any other smartwatch, the Kospet Hope is richly equipped with multiple sports modes to help users with their exercises. It has a total of nine distinct types of professional sports modes that one can engage. These include basketball, badminton, ping-pong, football, rope skipping, you name them.


Within the games department is the heart rate monitor feature that is more advanced than what you see in the regular watches. The PPG heart rate sensor was modeled into the Kopset Hope with the aid of PixArt technology. And PPG means it uses light energy to detect blood flow rate as per the heart’s pumping action. So you can guess the level of accuracy.

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