SH5H FPV Drone: Easy Operation, Variety Features

While premium drones like DJI Mavic 2 Pro are excellent, their prices skyrocket up high in the air. On the contrary, there are cheaper options that can serve anyone looking to get into flying as a hobby. The SH5H FPV Drone might not shoot the best quality footages nor has it the longest range, but it can surely make something out of a drone.


Among the numerous features that come with it includes a 750mAh battery, 1080P Wide Angle camera; and many functions for maneuverability.

Design & Appearance


The SH5H FPV is one of the best-looking drones with a camera. It measures 305x305x115mm exclusive of the guard ring. Most cheap drones are poorly designed and for the size, it is perfectly small and stable for fine navigation. Adding to beauty are the multiple colors to choose from; black, white and red.

SH5H FPV Drone Specs


Starting from the camera, which is a vital component of a drone, the SH5H FPV integrates a 1080p HD shooter. It might not record the best footages and photos but it does better as compared to other drones within its price range. It has a smartphone companion app that works on both iOS and Android platforms. You only need WiFi to complete the connection and then images and videos start transmitting to your phone thick and fast.


As many peer drones in the same price category, the SH5H drone has a limited flight time. It can only persist for about 8 to 10 minutes in the air. That means the 750mAh battery is not too reliable and you might need a spare if you were looking to shoot for longer. Similarly, the range is low at 100m. And for those who don’t know, a range is a maximum distance a drone can fly without losing control.

Other Features


Being simple and armature oriented, the SH5H FPV is equipped with aid functional features. One of them is the Headless mode that will help you avoid obstacles. The drone responds to the direction on your joystick input. The trajectory path and one key return keys are pretty self-explanatory.


Other important features include the Gravity sensor in-depth experience that enhances navigation. There is also an option to use a VR device on your phone where you get immersed in the flying experience. Beginners will surely have a big time with this kind of drone. It can otherwise act as a bridge before upgrading to a more advanced one.

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