Ocday Mini RC Camera Drone: Stunning Footages & Aerial Photography

Choosing the right drone for you is dependent on so many factors. But your budget comes at the top of the list. Premium fliers are expensive but you can still land on the best drones under $100. Once you have determined the budget you will need to double check the features.


The Ocday Mini RC Camera drone is an easy installation and control. It is one of the best drones for beginners and with a quality HD camera. In addition to the supportive features like the Headless Mode and one key take off/land function, it has a compact body equally fit for both indoor and outdoor flying.

Design & Outlook


The general appearance of the Ocday Mini Rc drone is that of a finely brushed surface polished with a premium paint. It’s a great eye-catching device with perfect looks that will allow you to carry it anywhere. When folded into pocket-mode, it only stretches to 6.5cm long, a size that will barely occupy your pocket. There is a systematic way of folding it; starting with tilting the front wing at 90° backward and then the rear wing 100° forwards. The process applies to both sides of the device.


Housing a 1080p HD camera shooter meant the Ocday company had to include a separate controller for the drone. It comes with a distinct remote that displays all the features accurately. The remote is easy to use and any armature can navigate without difficulties. The drone colors range from blue, white, yellow, and red.



The Ocday Mini RC helicopter drone allows control settings to be configured into your smartphone. Through WiFi, you can download the intelligent App into an Android or iOS platform where you can easily maneuver through the settings. You get to choose and draw the trajectory path you wish and command your drone by a simple press of a button.


Even as the immersive virtual reality experiences continue to rise, the Ocday drone is not left behind. While your phone is in a sound connection with your drone, you can put it in your VR goggles and experience a 3D world as if you were flying. You can navigate on the beautiful hills and oceans all day long.

Other Features


Aside from the high-quality photos and videos that the Ocday RC  camera drone can offer you, it has a few control settings for beginners. These include the Headless Mode and one takeoff/land key. The former means the drone will move in the direction you preset with the control joystick.


The one key takeoff/landing, on the other hand, means it is the one key that doubles as a start and end of the flight session. This should, however, not be confused with the one key return feature that regulates the control distance of the drone. It has to always be within your eyesight.

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