SJCAM SJ8 Pro: Best Shots & Quality Videos

Buying a camera with top quality specs can be so confusing. Especially now with the number of brands rising every new day. The Go Pro action cameras have dominated the market for a long time now. While they offer premium specs at high prices, there are many other substitute brands which sell at way much less. A perfect example is the SJCAM SJ8 Pro which I consider to be a worthy competitor of the Go Pro Hero 6 Black.

The SJCAM SJ8 price is half that of Hero 6 Black but the specs are almost similar. It features 5GHz Wi-Fi, 8X digital zoom, retina IPS screen, and much more.



As expected of a high-end camera, the SJ8 Pro sports a compact design that is super light and portable. You can go on your scuba diving business without necessarily feeling the baggage. The outlook is appealing to the eye while maintaining a rough texture on the whole body. This makes it easy to hold it in your hands without slips, even when your palms are sweaty.


Like its peers, the SJ8 Pro takes the form of a box shape with almost similar dimensions. The functions on its body are distinctly placed and expressly speak for themselves. Using it is a simple DIY task even if you are an armature.

Display Screen


The quality of the display screen has always been an issue with most cameras. However, SJ8 Pro went against all odds and came up with a totally good build screen system. One that compares with what you see in your smartphones and computers. At the front is the 0.96″ LED screen while the back hosts an interchangeable 2.33″ touchscreen. Both displays are vibrant with rich color details of the images.

SJ8 Pro Specs


With the 4K 60fps resolution factor of the camera, it would only be advisable to use a 4K TV or computer monitor while at it. Because anything lower than that will distort the video quality. But there are other lower resolution options, 4K 30fps being immediate and works perfectly fine.


Another cool feature of the device is the 8X Digital Zoom. How this differs from the normal optimal zoom is that you can crop and enlarge the digital image on the sensor. This is the subject that makes it comparable to the GoPro Hero 6 Black. And surprisingly, it is the part where the SJ8 Pro is more superior than the former for letting you adjust the degree of zooming while still immersed in the filming act.

Other Features


There are two WiFi connectivity options for the SJ8 Pro camera. One is the 2.4GHz band while the other is 5GHz. The main difference between the two is actually range and speed for data transfer. While the 2.4G speed is jam-packed and covers a wide range, the 5GHz will comparatively have a speedy transfer of your data to phone or computer within a shorter range. Plus, how would you be so far from your camera anyway.


The other features include the Type-C connection which allows back to back transfer of data. It is said to be better than the USB cable. We also have clear menu list and various shooting modes that are self-explanatory. The battery is 1200mAh and can record straight for 90 minutes. I would advise a package that comes with full accessories of the camera, costs a little bit more.

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