EKEN Alfawise V50 Pro: Limitless Outdoor Photography For $57

I bet when you hear about action cameras GoPro comes off the top of your head. But what happens when you don’t have enough cash to squash on any of their models. Well, lately there has a been a shift in the market. Industry leaders are becoming more inclined to making affordable products for consumers.


EKEN and Alfawise, two tech gurus, combined efforts this year to come up with the EKEN Alfawise V50 Pro. While it is usually true that quality is sacrificed in pursuit of low price markets, the V50 Pro is an exception. The features are intact, specs that are a real definition of value for money in every sense of the word.

EKEN Alfawise V5o Pro Specs


Steering the entire operations is the Ambarella A12 chipset. Apart from maximizing on production while being power efficient, the chip supports a couple of customized settings for great photography. These include tilt correction, 32MP still picture capture, electronic image stabilization, and much more.


When it comes to resolution, action cameras at its price segment mostly come with 4K 30fps as a maximum. And so does the EKEN Alfawise V50 Pro. The two companies included the 2.7K 30fps as the second best option for resolution. With those two ranges, the guarantee for neat and quality images is ascertained.



First is a Waterproof case that highly guards the camera against the extremities of the outside environment. It has a capacity to survive 50m underwater. Another fine accessory is the 2.4G remote control that through WiFi lets you manage things in the background. You don’t have to be with the camera to control the photo/video session.


Although the battery capacity is small at just 1050mAh, it can persist through 50mins of a live session. Most high-end cameras, like the SJCAM SJ8 Pro, can do 90mins. Charging is by the universal USB-charger. And for those of you who are not contented with memory space, there’s an option for a 16-32GB TF card.



The V50 Pro sports a 2.0″ High Definition screen that displays nicely. Furthermore, the 170-degree wide lens allows for snapping a large area to capture the entire mood. The tripod accessory that comes with it also enhances perfect shots and include finer details in the image. The V50 Pro is an awesome catch for the price.

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