Worthbuy Stainless Steel Bento Box: Lunchbox For Kids

Let’s just be honest, our kids love the latest lunchboxes that beat those of their friends at school. But with the growing number of health issues, we have to be careful what to buy them as cans for protecting their food. For instance, doctors warn that many vinyl products used in lunchboxes contain a high percentage of lead. We all know how destructive that can turn out.

To this end, I have always trained my kids to use the bento lunch box to transport their food. And there are so many reasons for that. But health and safety come top of the list at all times.



The Worthbuy Bento Box is one of the best stainless steel lunch boxes worth buying before back to school kicks in. Being a metal product means it can’t be microwavable thus any health issues are unheard of. The thing with plastics is that they break over time thus releasing harmful chemicals to your child’s food. So the mere fact that Worthbuy is made of metal on top of cute modeling makes it the best lunch box for kids. Metal too is lighter and durable.


Another key design feature of the Worthbuy Bento Box is the multiple layers that it is divided into. This is especially vital for placing different foods on the three separate sections. It allows you to include sandwich on one portion, palatschicken on another, and waffles on the other, so to say. The point is you can always include a balanced diet for your kid before dropping them at school.


Despite having three different sections for storing food, Worthbuy is just the right size for the backpack. It is neither too large to eat up space that would otherwise be occupied by books, nor too small to carry enough food. As your kid grows older they can still use it in spite of the increase in their food intake. The lunchbox on overall measures 11.8×7.87×3.94 inches. That simply converts to 3600ml.

Best Insulated Lunchbox


In between the wall’s layers is an insulation foam that helps keep your child’s food fresh until lunchtime. The rough estimate for holding optimal temperatures is slightly more than three hours. Food will still be warm probably by the last session before lunch. The perfect arrangement of layers makes it easy to clean. It is, however, important to realize that the lunchbox cannot be put in the dishwasher. You have to manually clean it with your hands.

Other Features


The Worthbuy Bento Box is leakproof allowing you to store both food and soup. The interiors look really amazing to arouse the appetite while the exteriors come in five colors; pink, gray, purple, green, and blue. Lastly, the food-grade pp material in the layers further enhances health and safety while using the food can. After the life cycle you can reuse the product for other options, unlike the BPA stuff.

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