Black White Stainless Steel Mug: A Pure Nordic Style

If you like to keep your coffee classy like me then the cup matters a lot. From the coating to thermal qualities to color and to durability. The black white stainless steel mug has almost all the positives of the said qualities. It comes with a classy look and a combination of many other different features for a pleasant experience with your coffee.



Judging from the outside, the mug has a smooth glossy outlook. A subtle matte finish coats it to tame the coffee stimulant inside. Adding to the beauty is a fashionable print that not only excites you everytime you reach it but complements your swag on the streets. You can choose from the black and white color varieties that are available depending on your preference.



The black white steel mug sports a simple Nordic style with a lid on the top. A neat straw completes the design. In other words, you can have your own simulation feeling of Starbucks coffee whenever. The shape is the same while size, on the other hand, is just right for a stylish person. Inner dimensions hold about 300ml of liquid and the outer dimensions stretch to 9.3cm in diameter and has a height of 14cm.


The cup’s body is made of stainless steel material that is eco-friendly and safe for your health. No bad taste of metal on your coffee, milk or tea. Further enhancing safety is the food-grade silicone material that makes up the lid. And being durable, this is a cup you will enjoy from for quite some years and develop a solid ‘friendship’, just like your old dog.



With the perfect thermal qualities and excellent looks, the six grants price is so reasonable for the cup. However, you have to play a responsible person and clean it up manually on your own. Placing it in the dishwasher or microwave will brick your cup. Take extensive care and don’t share.

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