Hand Rotary Grater: Chop Your Fruits & Veggies With Ease

As we move an edge towards the holidays, every household is expecting multiple guests. Be it family members moving upcountry to reunite with their families, college students reporting back home or generally any type of guests. The point is there will be more members and that demands more food. So kitchenware needs better equipment. For instance, there should be more speed on chopping veggies and fruits. This is where the hand rotary grater comes in. The tool not only fastens the process but saves a lot of energy.



The hand rotary grater is a colorful decent-looking item that will be of a decorative value to your kitchen. From top to the bottom, the machine is creatively designed with functional elements that quicken the cutting process. On the side is the hand lever with a safe handle that does not cause blisters to your hand. Normally chopping with a knife can be too tiring and leaves dents on your hand. Similarly, the hand does not come into a direct contact with the blade, thus further making it safer than the knife.


All the materials used in making up the design are environmentally accepted. That is to say the ABS material and stainless steel used on parts are clinically safe. You don’t run the risk of having to ingest bad metal components in your chopped food. The blade bump is laser engraved and runs on a 360° mode.



Using the hand rotary grater is pretty easy. It technically involves rotating the hand lever as you feed in your veggies or fruits. The fact that it is manual does not command any type of complex settings whatsoever. Cleaning the device too is relatively easy. You can either dip it in the dishwasher or manually wash up the whole of its body. Again, the classic materials used on its cutting filament cannot leave hard stains on the device. It can be applied in chopping potato chips, carrots, cucumber, to mention but a few.

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