FGHGF 4 in 1 Outdoor Tableware: For Hiking, Camping & Travel

As the Christmas break comes up, barbeques and all kind of outdoor activities begin to escalate. It is a point in time when we all come to celebrate the year before kissing it goodbye. What plans are on your mind? Is it camping, road trips, hiking or what really have you.


One of the accessories that must find a way into your backpack for the outdoor occasions is a perfect cutlery for treating meat. The FGHGF 4 in 1 outdoor tableware will handle most of the activities for you. It has a knife, spoon, fork, and a bottle opener all in one foldable design.



The 4 in 1 tableware cutlery is a tight good build item that will surely get you crew going. The outlook is so vibrant and beautiful. The size too is reasonable enough to fit in any pockets, especially when folded. Furthermore, the reason for incorporating all the four items in one was to save on space in the first place. It comes in green, blue, black, and red colors.


Having its parts made of stainless steel material makes the tableware resistant to rust. This is so appropriate as the cutlery is primarily meant for outdoor activities (although you can still employ it in your kitchen). Cleaning it is super easy as no stains can be left on the parts. It weighs fewer grams you can barely feel it on your pockets.



The fact that the four parts are distinctly detachable from each other makes it versatile. The knife part is obviously used for cutting, fork for dining, spoon for scooping, and the bottle opener for popping bottles. You can take it with you for picnics, camping, hiking, hunting, and much more.

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