Smartisan Nut 3: A Super Sleek Tribezeless Design Smartphone

The Smartisan Technology company went against all odds in their Nut 3 rollout. Unlike the predecessor, the smartphone features a tribezeless design; with the selfie camera and fingerprint scanner brought to the bottom of the front display. It comes as a completely new experience for the Smartisan diehards. Most of the vendors this year basically copied the iPhone X notch but Smartisan decided to give fans a unique taste of their creative designs.

Nut 3 Specs


As mentioned earlier, the Smartisan Nut 3 smartphone has a super thin body; about 7mm ultra-thin to be exact. Apart from being extremely portable a slim phone is considered to have a more fashionable look. And despite the sleek design the Smartisan Nut 3 includes a 4,000mAh massive battery. It is indeed a taste of a kind.


Moving on to the specs the Nut 3 has elegant features that will tremendously exceed your expectations. The screen is a 5.99-inch Full High Definition with a resolution of 2316×1080 pixels. That tells you how clear and vibrant the display is for your conversations, images, videos, and much more. Guarding the screen is a tough Gorilla Glass 3 protection that reduces chances of breaking on accidental drops.


The overall body measures 154.0×74.3×7.16mm, quite sizeable for any reasonable pocket on your trousers. Glass material covers both the front and rear display, giving it a unique look and a smooth drift from the rest of the aluminum bodies in phones of the time. The device runs on an Android platform and is powered by Snapdragon 625 chipset from Qualcomm. It comes in five lovely and distinct colors to choose from; carbon black, shiny red, shiny black, light gold, and wine red.



A glance at the front display reveals shrunk bezels at the top and the two sides of the Smartisan Nut 3 smartphone. The bottom is where all the functional features have been housed. There is a home button at the bottom-center that doubles as a return key feature as well as a fingerprint scanner. Now you don’t have to keep checking behind beneath the logo to press your fingers for unlocking. Adjacent to the home button is the selfie camera together with light and proximity sensors. The rest of the functional buttons on the side are configured like in any other Android phones.

Smartisan Nut 3 Camera


Tripple cameras are a new standard for smartphones in 2018 and the Nut 3 does not miss out on this. The device features an 8MP selfie camera at the bottom chin and two 13MP cameras horizontally placed at the top left corner on the rear. The front camera supports face recognition with the ability to distinguish up to 1024 features of your face. The two 13MP sensors, on the other hand, are well equipped for antishake, 4K video recording, noise reduction, among other essential functions of a camera.

Smartisan Nut 3 Battery & Price

With the ability to support 9V/2A Quick charge technology, a capacity of 4,ooomAh was reasonably good for the Nut 3 phone. On a single charge, you can last for more than half a day under intensive usage. And given the fact that Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 spins things for the device makes a perfect match with the battery for effective gaming, videos, and other intensive programs.

The last appealing factor about Nut 3 is the affordable price. If you care so much about saving your money for other needs, this is a go-for smartphone for you. It surprisingly sells at less than 200 US dollars, a rare price for the kind of specs.

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