FT17 LED Zoomable Flashlight Torch: Bright Light In The Dark

LED Flashlight is almost a standard for every home. Whether it is to curb darkness during unexpected power outages. Or simply using it on the dark areas of your backyard. It complements the domestic lighting system in your household. The FT17 is a zoomable flashlight torch that can serve you right through the rough corners of a dark night. With the ability to zoom and particularly white bright spotlight it makes a powerful companion gadget after sunset.



Having its body being made of an aluminium alloy not only makes the FT17 zoomable flashlight durable but also light. You can effortlessly move it around unlike most of the traditional torches which were heavy and rusty. It features a sleek dark body with distict functions for zooming and lighting up the device. Most importantly, the focus function controls the beam so you don’t have to guess rotating right or left.


The grip part is mechanically designed to fit in your hand and couples with a cord that can be tied to the tail cap for holding. For the zooming option, there is a silver bulging that resembles the head of a bolt, and is adjacent to the head of the torch. Rotating it allows you to achieve the zoom configurations that you desire. Th FT17 flashlight comes exclusively in Black colors.


Features & Functionality

When it comes to performance, F17 is one of the best LED torches in the market. With a lifespan of about 100,000 hours, blowing of the bulb becomes the least of your worries. The convex lenses in it ensures maximum divergence of light to obtain a detailed spotlight that covers a larger area. The lighting distance as well is relatively long at 500 meters.


Indeed the internal electrical wiring is well adjusted and efficiently uses the 18650 rechargeable battery that comes with it. Apart from the cell and charger, the other two accessories that come with the F17 torch are the contactor and a casing. The torch is also waterproofed making it appropriate for outdoor usage like law enforcement, camping or any other night activity outside.

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