Hiseeu Outdoor IP Camera: Timely Footage, Tight Security

When it comes to the topic of IP cameras, it cuts across almost all the spheres of our lives. Whether you are a manager intending to closely supervise the productivity levels of your employees. A teacher who wants to eradicate bullying and cheating in exams. Or you just need a safe home which you can monitor despite your whereabouts.

The Hiseeu Outdoor IP camera is one such installation that can do wonders for you. Although it won’t directly stop people from committing fraud, it gives them the impression of being watched. It establishes a tight connection with your phone for timely alerts whenever. For instance, if a thief broke into your home the camera will take an Email snapshot and send it to you instantly. And then, of course, you alert the police. No worries if you are out of town as the local alarm will do it for you.


Design & Appearance

As for the looks, the Hiseeu IP camera maintains a smooth and glossy appearance throughout its body. It is a sleek design that cannot go unnoticed in any corner of your guarded area. The design assumes a body with 190x60x60mm dimensions and has a cylindrical shape. The standard way of thinking about this kind of camera is that which adds to the aesthetics of your office rather than a compromise to the entire look.


Unlike most of the similar cameras, the Hiseeu’s power cable has been elongated to 3 meters as opposed to the regular 1 meter. You don’t have to tamper much with the electrical arrangements and sockets in order to connect this camera to power. Aside from that, it has an inbuilt Mic that supports two-way audio intercom which allows you to chat even if you are at a far away place.

High-Quality Pictures


In as much as the Hiseeu IP camera looks small in size, its High Definition lenses are equipped with two alternative resolutions. One can choose from between 1.0MP and 2.0MP depending on how they like it. The former translates to 1280×720 pixels while the later on the other hand is 1920×1080 pixels. In either case, the quality and clarity of the images are guaranteed.



Being an outdoor device, the Hiseeu IP camera maintains solid characteristics that enable it to survive the harsh outside environment. Particularly the waterproof certification on the camera is marked IP66. This means it can withstand the rains, hot sun, dust, and extremely cold temperatures. In addition to its endurance in such conditions, the device has a durable metal case coating that guards its entire body against all sorts of damages.

Connectivity & Other Features

On your iOS or Android smartphone, you will need to download the Yoosee App from the play store. What follows is pertinent information to register through the process before adding the device. Another outstanding feature about the camera is that it allows many users to view at the same time. You and your family can monitor your home at all times.


As mentioned earlier, the Hiseeu has really good motion detection sensors. It Email snaps every movement and sends it to you. It also monitors both day and night alike. The camera can be applied in hotels, shops, malls, offices, schools, and other setups. Try one of these before the Black Friday deals come to an end.

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