Anbes Sports Earphones With Super Bass For $0.87

The Anbes Sports earphones rated among the top sellers during Black Friday for one main reason. It is a quality build earphone with richer sounds at a small price. When I was a child, landing a super bass headset deal was completely off the limits but time really flies. Manufacturers keep on to flex their muscles on each other and in the end the consumer obtains value for money in their products. The brand new Anbes earphone is especially a perfect illustration for this trendy behavior in the marketplace.


Design & Outlook

Even though the Anbes sports earphones are wired in a similar manner as the traditional ones, it does come with a stylish new look all unique in the market. There are zigzag strips that add to the beauty all over its body. The  length of the wire is about 1.2 meters long which is fairly the right size. At the earbuds where we receive the stereo quality sound of music is a silicone material that is soft on your ears and fits in well.


The software of the headset on the other hand is sophisticated too. It is equipped with an inbuilt high definition microphone that perfectly enhances clarity in calls. At the part where the neckbands meet is a bulging that hosts a function for increasing and reducing volume. The fashion earphones come in four distinct colors.



When it comes down to the sound quality for this kind of earphones, it will tremendously exceed your expectations. They are cracked headphones that integrate shocking sub-woofers that enable it to produce super bass. To find such a quality within the price segment is a rare thing. Other features include Hi-Fi and noise canceling functions.

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