Zanmini Cola Water Bottle: Brilliant Design & Right Temperatures

They say water is the driving of all nature. Well, the statement is true in every bit of its sense. Eat good, drink a lot of water, smell nice and mind your business. That’s me on a typical day. Conversely, individual needs differ. One person will prefer warm water over cold and vice versa. The weather too determines what temperatures you would like for your drinking water.

With the increasing magnitude and size of the water bottle industry, many people feel lost in deciding what model to buy. I used plastic bottles for so long before discovering the Zanmini Stainless Steel Cola water bottle. Thanks to the intensified Science campaigns against cancerous objects. Now the brilliant metallic bottle does more than just to protect me from ingesting Cancer.



The Zanmini Cola Water Bottle takes the form of a smooth, shiny and tight design all over its body. Its relatively cheap price is by no means a compromise to the quality of the bottle. The paint on its surface is durable enough unlike most of the regular ones that peel off after a week or two. It is a vibrant product with uniformity from the bottom all the way up.


In addition to the beautiful sleek design, the Zanmini company adopted a premium food grade 304 stainless steel material in its make. Have you ever felt that sour metal taste in your mouth immediately after drinking water from a bottle? I literally vomit when I take water from such defective bottles. But with the stainless steel material that will be the least of your worries.


When it comes to size, the Cola bottle measures 11.81″ tall, 3.15″ wide while the opening on the other hand is 1.45-inch, sufficient to take in ice cubes. The whole bottle on the circumference will perfectly fit in your hand. The bottom is highly crafted to keep a decent look while maintaining a stable base to prevent toppling over whenever a little force is exerted on the side. It comes with a pretty cool transfer bag.



Being a modern water bottle, Zanmini Cola is applicable to almost all the situations. It is a highly portable product and preserves water at the correct temperatures. The workability in maintaining constant temperatures of the liquid is supported by two main properties; there are double walls coupled with a vacuum insulation in between. The system of the structure uses the principle of heat insulation to keep hot water hot and cold the same.


The capacity of the bottle is 750ml, which makes it ideal for a companion in your hikes, gym sessions, road trips and any other of your activities outside. Works perfectly for you both in the office and whether you want to use it in your home. It is easy to use and can conveniently be cleaned on the dishwasher or simply by hand.

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