Sanda Smartwatch: Explore The World Of Fitness

Looking for a fashionable bracelet that will make you stand out of the crowd? Well, the Sanda Bluetooth smartwatch is a low budget gadget that will work really fine for you. As the saying goes, time and tide wait for no man, Aliexpress recently did a major price cut on the product. Most importantly, as the festive season kicks in the Sanda smartwatch will probably be one of those with the best offers. Let’s have a look at its features.



I would say the Sanda bracelet has a simple and attractive design for three main reasons. First, it sports a minimalistic design that surprisingly displays sufficient content on the screen. Secondly, the smartwatch features a round Hardlex dial case with a diameter of about 37mm and a thickness of 6mm. The quality of the display is that of a vibrant scratch-resistant mirror that can perform exceptionally well outdoors. The final finish on the design is a smart silicone band that comes in different bright colors. Silicone is not only a skin-friendly material but also grips well on your wrist to avoid slips.


The Sanda smartwatch has the regular dimensions that will comfortably fit any wrist size around; its length is 250mm, width 15mm while the thickness on the other hand measures 3mm. When it comes to the specifics of the screen, the device has a 0.66-inch flawlessly circular OLED touchscreen, with great sensitivity for a smart touch. Its insignificant weight of 20g will save you a lot of energy.


Connectivity & Functionality

Being exclusively compatible with Android 4.4 and iOS 8.0 or more recent devices, the Sanda bracelet can do a lot for you when paired with your phone. To put it in practice, you need to download the Flagfit App from the play store. It is important to remember that the platforms supported must be Bluetooth 4.0 and above. A successful pairing will allow you to attend to calls, messages, monitor your sleep, record steps in exercise, and much more.


Battery & Other Features

Sanda bracelet features a Lithium polymer battery with a capacity of 50mAh. It takes two hours to recharge to full battery, and its advisable to use a low-power charging equipment like the PC or a notebook whenever you are refilling it. A high-power charging source like the socket might brick your device. Like all the other bracelets, activating all the features makes the battery last for a day.


Other features include the IP67 Waterproofing status that strongly protects the smartwatch against rains, dust, and generally extreme weather conditions like high temperatures. Charging is by the universal USB charger that comes in the package and the bracelet has been tested to emit zero radiations.

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