Aspire Skystar Revvo E-Cigarette: Vaping Experience Like Never Before

Quitting to smoke the traditional cigarettes has never been easy. But hey, have you ever tried using other methods of ingestion as an escape plan? Over the years, vaping has proven to be an effective technique used by ex-smokers to tame their cravings. Most importantly no health risks have been associated with e-cigarettes so far, as opposed to smoking which is the leading cause of lung cancer. Consequently, finding the right vape kit becomes the next right thing to do.

The Aspire Skystar Revvo tank is a one of a kind cigarette kit that can upgrade your experience. It comes with a handful of features that will move your vaping game to the next level.



Build Metal
Display 1.3-inch touchscreen
Mod Size 91x50x33mm
Battery 2 Detachable 18,650(sold separately)
Tank Capacity 3.6ml/TPD 2ml
Battery Capacity 1000mAh
Charging Micro-USB port
Coil Design Aspire Radial Coil(ARC)
Color Slate Blue, White, Blue Camo, Woodgrain Effect


How It Works

Aspire is the World’s first company to design an innovative replaceable coil for its advanced Revvo tank. Within the confines of the tank is the smart Aspire Radial Coil(ARC) that looks very much like a ‘stove-top’ design. The main idea behind the design is actually to increase the surface area of the coil. All these sums up to an excellent flavor and great vapor generation through the 0.10-0.16Ω resistance wire.


The 1.3-inch screen display screen act as a wealthy source of information. It is important to realize that here is where you can check instructions on trouble-free usage, among others like ohms, puffs, and watts. Its mode of operation is so easy to follow and can be done even by armatures. The top airflow is adjustable and so is the top fill too, adding to the whole simplicity thing in the gadget. Upgrade your vaping game this season with this kind of e-cigarette or gift it to a friend who’s struggling with the smoke. After all, it is relatively cheap and reduces the risk way much.

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