Yeelight Smart LED Ceiling Lamp: Fill Your Rooms With The Lighting You Desire

We need smart lighting in the same way that we need healthy foods in our homes. Whether you are handling a task or generally setting the mood in your living room, levels of brightness matter. I’m personally allergic to bright lights and would not work under the same conditions. Luckily we have smart lamps like the Yeelight LED Ceiling Light that has customized settings for adjusting brightness levels.

As a matter of fact, it was the World’s first ever Lamp to successfully include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivities. That is to say you can control it from your smartphone and works alongside other Smart Home devices.

Design & Appearance

The Yeelight Smart LED Ceiling Lamp is a minimalistic and versatile design that flawlessly complements the furniture. It’s a quick installation that only involves fitting it in the holder that is 50-100mm in diameter. The outlook of the device features a simple, beautiful and intelligent circular shape that emits light uniformly.


One of the control modes used in the ceiling lamp is the Yeelight Bluetooth Remote Control that comes in the package. It has explicitly displayed functional buttons for turning on & off the light, switching to night mode, and for adjusting brightness levels. All these actions can be performed from one central point without having to visit the specific rooms.


A Caring Partner

The Yeelight Smart Lamp’s color rendering index is high at 95Ra out of the possible 100 value, which is the standardized daylight. Under those circumstances, the colors of various objects are displayed faithfully. It produces stylish light that can naturally rhyme with the human skin tone and chattels in your household. You can picture it as the beautiful sunshine in the morning, the way everything looks just great and admirable.


Among the different modes for setting lighting from the device, there is the Moonlight Mode. Of course you have been outside on a full moon night and felt the warm cozy light it emits. With the setting you can have the same feeling of the soft caring light in your home. Your eyes receive a friendly sweet feeling as opposed to what you experience with the bright street lights in the cities. A relieve setup to run to after a rough day.



Falling under the category of smart home devices, the Yeelight Smart LED Ceiling Light can be controlled by smartphones via Wi-Fi. You only need to connect it to the corresponding Yeelight App or Mi Smart Home App on your phone and you are good to go. It is, however, important to realize that the device supports platforms that are Android 4.4 and iOS 8.0 or more recent.


As the IFTT gears towards putting the internet to do everything for you, the Yeelight Lamp is also not left behind. Many tasks are becoming more and more interconnected by the day. A perfect illustration of IFTT in action for the lighting device is the function that allows you to set your light to automatically turn on whenever it detects motion in your home. That thing scares the hell out of stalkers and thieves because they will assume you are in.

Other Features


Besides the colorful appearances and other premium features, the Smart Lamp sports IP60 Dustproof Certification. This keeps away dust in the first place, followed by elimination of the pesky insects that normally hang around a light source. The device is also equipped with top quality chips and an Aluminium unibody that efficiently disseminates heat energy in your room. With the right level between the 0.1-1600 adjustable lumens, you can easily fall asleep like you used to when you were a kid.

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