Xiaomi Mi Electric Water Kettle: More Control Of The Temperatures

Household operations include boiling water from time to time. As soon as you get out of bed that craving for coffee hits like an addiction. Installing a sound hot water system in the kitchen is something you can hardly survive without. The Xiaomi Mi Electric Water Kettle is one perfect gadget that can simplify the work for you. It has a ton of options that can allow for boiling your water to the temperatures you desire. In other words, you can preset the temperatures that you wish to heat it up and maintain the same level if you want.


Design & Appearance

Xiaomi Mi Electric water kettle is a special vibrant design that looks decent from all angles. Its dimensions measure 9.84×6.30×10.24 inches, neither too large nor too small. Over at the top opening of the kettle has a diameter of 130mm and opens at an 80-degree angle. Around the inside of the inner wall is equipped with a double 304 stainless layer that works on the principle of reflection to insulate heat.


The base of the device is tightly built to prevent electric leakage. Along the circular edges of the bottom lining, there is a sophisticated notch that allows passage of the electric cable. You only need to fit the kettle on the port centrally placed. Operating the 1.5-liter device is quite easy.



One of the impressive features of the smart kettle is the ability to communicate with your smartphone. You will have to install the Xiaomi Smart Home App from the play store in the first place. Once in it becomes easier to remotely control the boiling process using the icons on the app. The boiler is accurate and can keep the present temperatures constant for 12 hours. All modes work correctly.


Other Features

In terms of safety, the Xiaomi Mi Electric water kettle sports a triple security protection. It was carefully designed with the intention to prevent electric shock, avoid leakages and automatically turns off when desired temperatures are achieved. The weight is relatively lighter at 1.6kg and consumes less power.

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