Soocas X3 Sonic Electric Toothbrush: Experience Oral Freshness All Day

One brush a day keeps the dentist away. For the purpose of having a good dental formula, a sound toothbrush is a must have, besides a strong dental cleaning fluid. From time to time I used to brush my teeth using the regular manual toothbrush and wondered why people chose the electric ones over it. At the beginning of this month, I experimented with the Soocas X3 Sonic Electric toothbrush and felt my oral hygiene shoot up like never before. No more sneaking to brush your teeth before a kiss if you can relate.

Design & Appearance

The Soocas X3 Sonic Electric toothbrush is an amazing design with a bulging handle that will firmly fit in your hand. This is a point often overlooked but the handle determines your brushing experience to some level. To put it differently, a thick handle is more preferred to a thin one for comfortability while brushing, that is, no slips. The X3’s handle’s surface is dull to ensure a firm grip.


Another vital aspect in the design of a toothbrush is the bristles on the brush heads. Soocas X3 Sonic Electric toothbrush features the American Dupont Tynex Classic 0.152 mm soft bristle. The material is effective and will brush your teeth thoroughly without causing injuries to the gums. Equally important, the company adopted high-density brittles and sterilized all brushes by UV light to maintain high levels of hygiene.

Cleaning Modes & Connectivity

When paired with the smartphone’s companion app via Bluetooth, the user has four cleaning modes at their disposal. The Clean Mode is notably the most commonly used among people who desire efficient tooth cleaning every day. It has a high-frequency vibration of 31000 times/min. Such a rate can repeatedly stir fluid in your mouth for efficient cleaning. In effect, dental plaque and other impurities disappear.


There is also the Sensitive Mode which when turned on effectively cleans your teeth while taking care of the delicate ones. As the name suggests, this is for you if you have a painful gum, implant or orthodontic teeth. The other two are the Beginner and Whitening Modes where the former helps you transit from the manual brush while the later helps eradicates cigarette stains, tea stains, coffee stains, and the likes.

Battery & Other Features

The Soocas X3 Sonic Electric toothbrush has an inbuilt 1000mAh Li-ion battery that acts as a strong power output. You can use it for 25 straight days without having to recharge the gadget. More convenience is achieved by the ability of the brush to support wireless charging. It takes about 16 hours to fully recharge the device.


Other features include the IP67 Waterproof certified status of the brush and customized settings. You can wash the whole of its body without tampering with the electrical parts. The customized settings allow the user to choose the intensity of the brush action. If you value your smile get yourself or gift a friend one of the X3 Sonic electric brushes from the e-stores.

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