VILEAD Heart Shape Coffee Mug

To some extent, coffee mugs play an important role in how we enjoy our coffee. I make it a point to include a variety of them in my coffee table to enhance my experiences. Medics and relevant research institutions have since time immemorial strongly recommend coffee in our diet. Among the health benefits include short-term memory boost, reduced risk of heart disease, and much more.

The VILEAD Heart Shape Coffee Mug is one of the must-have varieties in your household. It surely looks as beautiful as love and can make you easily get lost in your conversations. An aesthetically beautiful environment is a vital ingredient for cordial talks.


Design & Appearance

The top of the VILEAD Coffee Mug assumes the shape of a heart, more of the seed of a silphium plant. For those who don’t know, the plant was used as an herbal contraceptive in the ancient ages. The fine white edges of the cup coupled with the brown colour of your coffee will make the mixture look really colourful.


In addition to the artistic beautiful shape of the mug, it is made of a ceramic material that further enhances its gorgeous look. The inner diameter of the top part measures 8.5cm while the height is 7.5cm. This is the perfect size for two to four cups a day that the Cardiologists recommend for reducing chances for a heart disease. The full capacity of the coffee mug is 15oml, neither too small nor too large.

Usability and Application


It would be nice to put a smile on your girlfriend’s face with this kind of fashionable mug. It’s a huge simple of love besides its smart appearance and durability. Moreover, it comes with an accessory spoon that looks really nice and of fine built quality. Upon expiration date of the mug(when you’ve used it for a long time), you can convert it to a flower bokeh holding item. This will improve the aesthetics of your kitchen or living room.

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