Huawei Honor Smartband 4: A Premium Time Management Device

Time being the most limited factor we have, buying the right smartwatch is a top priority. The Huawei Honor Band 4 bracelet comes with a bunch of features that will help you get through your day. I personally consider all the specifics of a watch before deciding to buy it. The first thing in mind is the display screen. It has to be adequate enough to show my calls and other notifications from the phone. Let’s have a look at what the Honor Band 4 has to offer.

Design & Appearance


To begin with the display screen, Huawei Honor Band 4 sports a high-resolution 0.95-inch AMOLED and coloured touchscreen. When we say AMOLED it means an active matrix of OLED pixels that adds a layer of semiconducting film to improve sensitivity. The bracelet’s screen can display up to a maximum of 45 words, which is relatively quite long as compared to other designer watches. You can conveniently attend to messages from many different apps. Every app message displays a distinct colour signal.


The Honor band 4 bracelet also has a cool strap that can really look good on you. It is made of a soft silicone material that can neither irritate the skin nor be too slippery to fit in your wrist. There are multiple strap colours to choose from too, which compliments the fashionable look of the smart band.

Software & Connectivity

Like many other brand new devices in the market, the Honor 4 bracelet features Bluetooth 4.0 technology. It is compatible with all the iOS 8.0 and Android 4.4 platforms or newer versions. When paired with your smartphone, receiving important calls and replying messages become easy at the comfort of your wrist. Equally, crucial health data like monitoring the heart rates can be configured into the app on your smartphone.


The sleep monitor function has especially been praised by many users, among them being some Harvard students. It will work perfectly for you especially if you want to monitor 4 grade of sleeping level. That way you can have quite and regular sleeping patterns. A sound sleep is necessary for refreshed energy in the morning.

Battery & Other Features

When it comes down to the battery, Huawei Honor Band 4 has an inbuilt battery of 100mAh capacity with a standby time of up to 15 days. It takes 2 hours to recharge the device to full capacity. The smartwatch can however last for 6 days when the Scientific sleep mode is activated.


The device is 50m Waterproof, and this is where most people feel lost. It means the seal can resist a pressure equivalent to a water depth of 50 meters. It is a misconception to think that you can swim 5om underwater without bricking your device. You can wash your hands without minding to splash water on it though.



The Honor Band 4 smartwatch can be applied to a variety of sports including swimming, climbing, racing and many more. One can measure the number of calories burned, distance covered, heart rates, steps among others. You don’t want to miss this fine quality of a smartwatch if you are serious about monitoring your health and sleep quality. Time is a huge resource.

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