MEIZU EP52 Lite Headphones: Neckband and Music Bands

My High School music teacher used to crack this joke, “music is oxygen”, and we would burst in laughter obviously not picking a clue from the message. Now I understand the phrase more than ever; music is life, you can escape any kind of depression by getting lost in the music. With music, you can travel back in time; perfect memories.

MEIZU EP52 doubles as a smart neckband and high-quality Bluetooth speakers. It features a wide range of premium specs despite its simple design and looks.



The Meizu EP52 Lite is one of the best headphones in the marketplace. The neckband is made of a non-aging polymers material that is soft on the skin. Right behind at the back of the earpads features a magnetic design that can let you tie up the headphones around your neck. A quick look on the surface reveals vibrant and beautiful headsets that you can comfortably use in any situations.


It is a hanging design that features an anti-slip shape that would not get off of your ears even under random movements. For this reason, the earphones are primarily designed for outdoor sports. This is further enhanced by the part of the cable that includes a MEMS microphone which lets you input high definition voice. At the same bulging part of the cable in the micro-USB port that charge the device. There are also 3 distinct in-ear rubbers to choose from.

Software & Performance


The EP52 Lite supports Bluetooth 4.2 technology and is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. You only need to be within the range of 10 meters from your phone so as to achieve perfect connectivity. The elegant earphones integrate a classic biological fiber diaphragm that filters and obtain a balance in the music sounds. The bass is superfine even though it might not be the best in the market.

Moving to the battery, EP52 Lite headphones feature a 100mAh inbuilt source of power. It supports Quick Charge technology that lets you recharge your headsets within one hour. Many users have reported the standby time to be up to three days on a single charge; leaving you with adequate time to enjoy your music.


It would be so inappropriate to wrap up the software talk without mentioning the Ultrasound technology incorporated in the headphones. This kind of technology works closely with the IPX5 Waterproof status of the device in order to protect it from sweat and humid outdoor conditions. They will last as long as you want them to.


If you play somewhere between a podcasts person and a music digital nomad then these are the right earphones for you. One can get lost in their own world of music; and with the software noise cancellation technology that comes with it they can be perfect for some alone time. Get yourself a pair, enjoy the music.

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