IP Camera CCTV 720p HD: Home Security System

Safety is a critical factor that cannot be skipped in pursuit of a happy modern family. As it is, many people employ security personnel to take care of their homes but are they really doing enough? If you value privacy within the fine confines of your home then installing a sound CCTV camera will surely help. People are less likely to misbehave where they know they are being monitored. It becomes a win-win situation for everyone.

IP Camera 720p HD Wi-Fi CCTV Security System


On one of my regular online window shopping rollercoasters for fancy smart home products on Aliexpress.com, I could not help but notice the IP Camera CCTV 720p HD. I was particularly taken aback by the excellent price that it sells at; only 28 US dollars. For this reason, we barely have an excuse on why we shouldn’t keep our homes safe.

There are so many factors to consider when buying a camera for a CCTV security system. Among them includes checking whether it has an internal storage slot, looking at sample videos to see the quality and if it’s waterproof. The IP Camera 720p HD Wi-Fi CCTV security system is a JIENUO item that helps you to perfectly monitor the activities in your compound around the clock.



The IPN camera measures 16.5×6.7×6.7cm; a perfect size that can be easily noticeable and portable too. It’s a high definition camera with a resolution of 1280×720 well achieved through the Sony Sensors integrated into it. A quick look at the overall structure of the camera reveals that of a finely brushed surface with decent features that will enhance the aesthetics of your compound.



The IP camera is an easy installation wireless item that supports IR-Cut. It’s connectivity to Wi-Fi enables the configuration of the CCTV camera as one of the Smart Home Devices. As the Internet of Things takes full shape it’s important to control all your actions from a central point; your smartphone or computer. This kind of camera shoots clear and fluent videos, and is compatible with computer windows, Android and iOS platforms.


Other special features include an excellent motion detection sensitivity and a sound alarm notification system that instantly sends an Email snapshot in case of a fishy business. The Night Vision is quite clear and the general set up of the camera security system is easy.


This is ultimately the right camera for you to monitor the people you care for and the security of your personal property at large. You can use it to watch the babies, pets, the elderly, students, workshops and what have you. It comes with a comprehensive manual that can help you maximize on the beautiful set of useful features incorporated in the camera. A safe home is a happy home.

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